The Psychoanalytic Study of Lives Over Time

1st Edition

Clinical and Research Perspectives on Children Who Return to Treatment in Adulthood

Editors: Jonathan Cohen Betram Cohler
Paperback ISBN: 9780121784102
eBook ISBN: 9780080515359
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 20th August 1999
Page Count: 361
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Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction.

On the Psychoanalytic Study of Lives Over Time:

J. Cohen and B.J. Cohler, Psychoanalytic Studies of Lives Over Time: Children who Return to Treatment in Adulthood.

The Presentation of the Child, and Then Adult Clinical Material:

C.A. Colarusso, The Analysis of a Neurotic Boy.

C.A. Colarusso, A Child-Analytic Case Report: A 17-Year Follow-up.

K. Marschke-Tobier, The Case of Lisa: From the "Baddest Girl in the Class" to Feeling Sad and Lonely: Reflections on the Analysis of an 8-Year-Old Girl.

M. Parsons, The Search for a Good-Enough Self: From Fragmentation Toward Cohesion in a Young Adult's Second Analysis.

A.L. Rosenbaum, The Case of Charlie: The Analysis of a Child.

A.L. Rosenbaum, The Case of Charlie: Analysis During Transition to Adulthood.

The Psychoanalytic Situation and the Nature of Change:

S. Abrams, The Jennifer Correspondence: A Rhetorical Dialogue.

J.M. Herzog, Reanalysis, Multiple Pieces of Analysis: Opportunities for Patients and Analyst When Reengagement Occurs.

F. Pine, Some Thoughts on Change in Psychoanalysis.

M.A. Silverman, The Psychoanalytic Situation and the Nature of Change.

S. Weiss, Child Analysis: Its Impact on Later Development.

Perspectives on the Systematic Psychoanalytic Study of Change:

M. Target and P. Fonagy, What Changes in a Child Analysis, and How Do We Know?

R.M. Galatzer-Levy, Reanalysis and the Effectiveness of Child Analysis.

S. Tuber, Projective Testing as a Post-Hoc Predictor of Change in Psychoanalysis: The Case of Jim.

P. Crame


The Psychoanalytic Study of Lives Over Time: Clinical and Research Perspectives on Children Who Return to Treatment in Adulthood is a landmark volume that addresses an essential clinical question: what is the nature of the process and outcome of clinical work with children? An internationally renowned group of analytic clinicians and clinician-researchers all comment on three fascinating child analytic situations where the patient returned to treatment in adulthood.


Psychoanalysts, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, psychiatrists, and developmental psychologists.


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"It is such a pleasure to review a book that is excellent throughout and lives up to its promises. Jonathan Cohen and Bertam Cohler's, The Psychoanalytic Study of Lives Over Time, provided that very opportunity. This wonderful contribution to our psychoanalytic literature combines fascinating clinical material, enlightening didactic discussion and well-designed empirical studies in one book." --Judith Ruzumna, PhD Wayne State University Medical School and University of Detroit-Mercy University

About the Editors

Jonathan Cohen Editor

Affiliations and Expertise

Columbia University and The New York Freudian Society, New York, U.S.A.

Betram Cohler Editor

Bertram J. Cohler, Ph.D., is the William Rainey Harper Professor of Social Sciences. He serves on the Committee on Human Development, the Committee on General Studies in the Humanities, and is a member of the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at The University of Chicago. He is also a faculty member at The Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chicago, Illinois.

Affiliations and Expertise

The University of Chicago and The Institute for Psychoanalysis, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.