The Planning Guide to Piping Design

1st Edition

Authors: Richard Beale Paul Bowers
Hardcover ISBN: 9781933762371
eBook ISBN: 9780127999937
Imprint: Gulf Publishing Company
Published Date: 1st September 2010
Page Count: 227
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Peter Smith has joined forces with skilled consultants to take his piping series to the next level. The Planning Guide to Piping Design covers the entire process of planning a plant model project from conceptual to mechanical completion, and explains where the piping lead falls in the process along with his roles and responsibilities. Piping Engineering Leads (or PEL's) used to only receive on-the-job training to learn the operation of producing a process plant. Over time, more schools and programs have developed a more advanced curriculum for piping engineers and designers. However, younger generations of engineers and designers are growing up with a much more technological view of piping design and are in need of a handbook that will explain the proven methods of planning and monitoring the piping design in step-by-step processes. This handbook will provide mentors in the process piping industries the bridge needed for the upcoming engineer and designer to grasp the requirements of piping supervision in the modern age.

Table of Contents

Foreword Preface List of Figures List of Tables 1 Before You Begin 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Standards 1.2.1 Standard Drawings 1.2.2 Charts 1.2.3 Drawing Templates and Drawing Standards 1.2.4 Drawing Numbering 1.2.5 3-D Model Numbering 1.2.6 Material Commodity Codes 1.3 Specifications 1.3.1 Piping Classes 1.4 Procedures 1.4.1 Stick Files 1.4.2 Inter-discipline Drawing Reviews 1.4.3 Line Numbering 1.4.4 Stress Analysis 1.4.5 CAD Set-up 1.4.6 3-D Model Reviews 1.4.7 Checking 1.4.8 Manhour Estimating 1.4.9 Progress Reporting 1.4.10 Management of Change 1.4.11 As-Builting 1.4.12 Project Close-out 1.5 Piping Execution Plan 1.5.1 Design Basis Memorandum (DBM) 1.5.2 Project Execution Plan (PEP) 1.5.3 Contracting and Procurement Plan and Construction Execution Plan 1.6 Conclusion 2 Procedures 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Master Stick Files, Working Copies, and Inter-Discipline Drawing Reviews (IDR) 2.2.1 Master Stick Files 2.2.2 Working Copies 2.2.3 Inter-Discipline Drawing Reviews 2.3 Vendor Drawing Reviews 2.4 Line Numbering 2.4.1 Line Numbering Rules 2.5 Stress Analysis 2.5.1 The Stress Analysis Procedure 2.5.2 Stress Analysis Procedure Notes 2.6 Model Reviews 2.6.1 Model Review Procedure 2.6.2 Model Review Matrix 2.7 Checking 2.7.1 Clash Check Reporting Procedure 2.7.2 Equipment Checking Procedure 2.7.3 Piping Arrangement and Isometric Checking 2.7.4 Prerequisites and Checking Procedure 2.8 Manhour Estimating and Manpower Planning 2.8.1 Manhour Estimating 2.8.2 Manpower Planning 2.8.3 Other Consi


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