The Physics of MOS Insulators

The Physics of MOS Insulators

Proceedings of the International Topical Conference on the Physics of MOS Insulators Held at the Jane S. McKimmon Conference Center, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, June 18-20, 1980

1st Edition - January 1, 1980

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  • Editors: Gerald Lucovsky, Sokrates T. Pantelides, Frank L. Galeener
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483162447

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The Physics of MOS Insulators focuses on the experiments, research, and discussions made on MOS insulators. Divided into eight parts and having 72 chapters, the selection features the lengthy literature of contributors in the field of biochemistry who have continuously worked to highlight the structure, properties, applications, processes, experiments, and research done on MOS insulators. Scattered within the numerous chapters of the selection are experiments that are supported by lengthy discussions and data necessary to validate the claims of the authors. Although the chapters cover different topics, generally, they present how MOS insulators have captured the interest of biochemists and other individuals who are interested in this discipline. The papers generally include samples and measurements, observations, discussions, numerical representations, methodologies, conclusions, and recommendations. This book is a dependable source of information for those who are keen enough to study the physics of MOS insulators. This text is highly recommended to biochemists, students, and scholars who find this area of study interesting.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter I: Transport Properties

    High Current Injection into SiO2 Using Si-Rich SiO2 Films and Experimental Applications

    High Field Conduction in Thick Oxide MNOS Capacitors on p-Type Silicon

    Dielectric Breakdown in Thermal SiO2 Grown from Doped Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films

    The Effect of Diffusion on the Photoconductivity of Thin Films

    The Kinetic Behavior of Mobile Ions in SiO2 Studied with TSIC and TVS Measurements

    Interactions between Small-Polaronic Particles in Solids

    Small-Polaron Hopping without Trap Participation in Dispersive Transient Transport in SiO2 of MOS Structures

    Electron Transport in SiO2 Films at Low Temperatures

    Physical Effects in Lateral MIS Structures with Ultra-Thin Oxides

    Oxygen as a Two-Level Tunneling System in SiO2

    Chapter II: Bulk Properties

    Periodic Structural Models and Radial Distribution Functions of SiOx: x = 0 to 2

    The Optical Absorption Edge of SiO2

    Band Structure and Density of States of ß-Silicon Nitride

    Electron Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy of Nb2O5, Ta2O5 and Si3N4 Thin Films

    Phonons and Submicrocrystallites in Amorphous SiO2

    Chemical Bonding in SiO

    Structural and Bond Flexibility of Vitreous SiO2 Films

    Chapter III: Bulk Defects

    Electron-Transfer Model for E'-Center Optical Absorption in SiO2

    Assignment of the Optical Absorption of the E1' Center in SiO2

    Electronic Structure of Vacancies and Interstitials in SiO2

    Surface and Bulk Vibrations in Ion-Implanted Amorphous Silica

    Energy Distribution of Electron Trapping Defects in Thick-Oxide MNOS Structures

    Traps in SiO2-Si Structure Determined by Electrochemical Method

    Charge Trapping and Associated Luminescence in MOS Oxide Layers

    Time Decay of Photoluminescence from Amorphous SiO2

    Electron-Beam-Induced Luminescence in SiO2

    Photoionization Cross Section of the 2.5 eV Electron Trap in SiO2

    Hydrogenation of Amorphous Silicon Nitride

    Chapter IV: Oxidation - Si

    Initial Oxidation of Ion-Sputtered Silicon (100)

    Fixed Surface Charge Density Generation at the Interface of Anodic SiO2-Si Systems

    Tracer Measurements of Network Oxygen Exchange during Water Diffusion in SiO2 Films

    An 18O Study of the Oxygen Exchange in Silicon Oxide Films during Thermal Treatment in Water Vapor

    X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Siloxene: A Model Compound Representing Intermediate Oxidation States of Silicon and Interface Defect Sites

    Effect of Annealing in O2/N2 Mixture on the MOS Characteristics

    Chapter V: Oxidation-Compound Semiconductors

    Chemical Reactions in Native Oxide Films Formed on III-V Semiconductors

    Anodic Oxide Insulators on InP and InAs

    Optical Properties and Interface Analysis of the GaAs-Anodic Oxide System

    XPS Study of GaAs(lOO) Surface Oxide Chemistry and Interface Potential

    Germanium (Oxy)nitride Based Surface Passivation Technique as Applied to GaAs and InP

    KrF-Laser Annealing of Native Oxides on GaAs

    Anodic Oxidation of Hg0.68Cd0.32Te

    Chapter VI: Interfaces

    Chemical Bonding at Metal/SiO2/Si(111) Interfaces

    Dipole Layers at the Gold-SiO2 Interface

    Measurement of Tunneling into Interface States

    Improved Experimental Characterization of the Si/SiO2 Interface

    Gap States of Crystalline Silicon and Amorphous SiO2 System

    Interface Width and Structure of the Si02 Layer on Oxidized Si

    Chemical Composition and Kinetic Law of the SiO2/Si Interface

    Auger Analysis Coupled with Capacitance Studies of the Si-SiO2 Interface

    Some Metal-Silicon Dioxide Interface Phenomena

    Field Effect Spectroscopy of Semiconductor-Insulator Interface States Using Thin Film Transistor Structures

    The Properties and Applications of GaAs and InP MIS Structures

    A Study of the Electronic Structure of the GaAs/Natural Oxide Interface

    Interface States in GaAs/LaF3 MIS Configurations

    Chapter VII: Defects at Interfaces

    Generation of Interface States in the Si-SiO2 System by Photoinjection of Electrons

    Reduced Oxidation States and Radiation-Induced Trap Generation at Si/SiO2 Interfaces

    Studies of Electron-Beam Radiation and Hydrogenation Effects on Si-SiO2 Interface and SiO2 by XPS

    A Microscopic Model for the Qss Defect at the Si/SiO2 Interface

    EPR Defects and Interface States on Oxidized (111) and (100) Silicon

    Characteristic Defects at the Si-SiO2 Interface

    Impurity Segregation at the Si-SiO2 Interface

    Investigation of Hydrogen and Chlorine at the SiO2/Si Interface

    Surface-Potential Dependence of EPR Centers at the Si/SiO2 Interface

    Electron-Beam-Induced Defects at Si-SiO2 Interface

    Chapter VIII: Device Physics

    Anomalous Gate Current on Avalanche Hot Electron Injection in MOS Structures

    Noise from MOS Transistors at Weak and Uniform Inversion

    Polymerized Langmuir Film MIS Structures

    MOS Wearout and Breakdown Statistics

    Effect of Preparation Methods on Performance of MOS Photovoltaic Solar Cell

    List of Participants

    Author Index

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  • No. of pages: 382
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1980
  • Published: January 1, 1980
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483162447

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Sokrates T. Pantelides

Frank L. Galeener

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