The Oxygen Evolving System of Photosynthesis - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780123723604, 9781483281612

The Oxygen Evolving System of Photosynthesis

1st Edition

Editors: Yorinao Inoue Norio Murata Antony R. Crofts
eBook ISBN: 9781483281612
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th January 1983
Page Count: 482
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The Oxygen Evolving System of Photosynthesis documents the proceedings of an international symposium entitled ""Photosynthetic Water Oxidation and Photosystem II Photochemistry,"" held at The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Wako, Saitama, Japan, 15-17 March 1983. Several other papers from authorities in this field are also included. This book provides in a systematic fashion the most current thoughts and insights into the field of photosynthetic oxygen evolution. The volume contains 46 chapters organized into five parts. Part I deals with the subunit structure of photosystem II reaction center pigment proteins and the charge separation (generation of positive and negative charges, P680+ and Pheo-). Part II examines the components and their function on the donor side. Part III discusses the biochemistry of the water oxidation enzyme system, polypeptide composition, and functional reconstitution. Part IV take up the functions of chloride and bicarbonate in electron transport and the mechanism of photoactivation in latent or Tris-inactivated chloroplasts. Part V discusses the fate of reducing equivalents going through the two-electron gate mechanism, together with the biochemistry of the quinone components on the acceptor side.

Table of Contents





I Photosystem II Reaction Center: Structure and Photochemistry

Prompt and Delayed Fluorescence from Photosystem II

Photochemical Properties of the Pheophytin Primary Electron Acceptor in Photosystem II

Photosystem II Reaction Center Complex Purified from Higher Plants

Fluorescence Emission Spectra of Photosystem II Reaction Center Complexes and Chlorophyll-Binding Subunits at Low Temperature

Correlation of the Low Temperature 695-nm Fluorescence Emission with the Reaction Center of PSII (CP47)

Properties of the Electron Acceptor Complex of Photosystem II

Low Temperature EPR Measurements of the PSII Reaction Center: New Developments

II Donor Side Electron Transport: Role of Essential Factors

Studies on the Mechanism of Photosynthetic Oxygen Formation

Spectrophotometric Methods of Probing the Donor Side of Photosystem II

Structure and Inhibition of Components on the Oxidizing Side of Photosystem II

Effect of Ferricyanide on EPR Signal II in Oxygen-Evolving PSII Membranes

Possible Role of Cytochrome b559 in Photosystem II

Biochemical Properties of the Enigmatic Chloroplast Cytochrome b559: Partial Amino Acid Sequence of a Purified b559 Polypeptide and Studies on the Identity of the Mr = 9,000 Phosphoprotein

Studies of Oxygen Evolution Using Water Analogs and Mass Spectrometry

EPR Evidence for the Involvement of a Discrete Manganese Cluster in Oxygen Evolution

Properties of the S2 State Associated with Oxygen Evolution

Molecular Orbital Study on the Role of Manganese in Photosynthetic Water Oxidation: A Model for the Molecular Mechanism

III Structure of the Oxygen-Evolving System: Polypeptide Composition and Functional Reconstitution

Identification of Photosystem II-Thylakoid Proteins through Mutational Analysis with Chlamydomonas and Scenedesmus Phenotypes

Electron Transport Activity and Polypeptide Composition of the Isolated Photosystem II Complex

Polypeptides Involved in Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution mth Special Emphasis on a 23-Kilodalton Protein

On the Functional Role of a 23-Kilodalton Polypeptide for Photosynthetic Water Oxidation

Organization of the Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution System

Characterization of 33-Kilodalton, 24-Kilodalton, and 18-Kilodalton Proteins in the Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution System of Spinach Chloroplasts

Organization of the Oxygen-Evolution Enzyme Complex in a Highly Active Oxygen-Evolving Photosystem II Preparation

Proteins Essential for Recovering Oxygen Evolution in Cholate-Treated Thylakoids

Isolation of a Manganese Protein from Cyanobacterium Thylakoids and Its Participation in Dehydrogenation of Water

Preparation of Oxygen-Evolving Photosystem II Particles from a Thermophilic Blue-Green Alga

The Use of Lauroyl Choline Chloride to Probe Photosystem II Function: Water Splitting, Photosystem II Photochemistry, and Polypeptide Composition

Heterogeneity of Photosystem II in Spinach Thylakoids

IV Specific Inactivation and Reactivation of Photosystem II Electron Transport

Interactions of Protons with Photosystem II

Chloride Ion-Sensitive Inactivation of Oxygen Evolving Centers

Comments on the Possible Roles of Bicarbonate and Chloride Ions in Photosystem II

Effect of Bicarbonate on Electron Transfer between Plastoquinones in Photosystem II

Factors Required for Photoreactivation of Tris-Inactivated Grana Preparations

Factors Required for Photoactivation of the Latent Oxygen-Evolving System: Some New Findings Derived from Intact Chloroplast System

The Mechanism of Photoactivation of Oxygen Evolution in Dark-Grown Coniferous Leaves

Effect of Usnic Acid on Photosystem II Electron Transport

V Acceptor Side Electron Transport: Role of Quinones and Related Phenomena

Electron Transfer on the Acceptor Side of Photosystem II

Kinetics of the Reaction of the Two-Electron Gate of Photosystem II: Studies of the Competition between Plastoquinone and Inhibitors

Bacterial Reaction Centers as a Model for Photosystem II: Turnover of the Secondary Acceptor Quinone

Studies on Quinones in Green Leaves

Assignment of Function to Polypeptides of 32-34 Kilodaltons in Thylakoids

Inhibitor and Plastoquinone Binding to Photosystem II

Regulation of Membrane Reactions by Surface Potential

Induction of Millisecond Delayed Luminescence in the Thermophilic Blue-Green Alga Synechococcus Lividus

Recent Advances in the Studies of Thermoluminescence of Photosystem II



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