The New Midwifery

2nd Edition

Science and Sensitivity in Practice


  • Rona McCandlish
  • Lesley Ann Page
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702035067

    Key Features

    • Provides a refreshingly new approach to key areas of midwifery practice in a way that brings practice to life.
    • Illustrates and supports the fundamental changes currently taking place in midwifery around the world.
    • Builds on the most up-to-date, evidence-based research to suggest guidelines for best practices.
    • Explores the impact of parenthood and offers strategies for effectively supporting individuals during this period of transition.

    Table of Contents


    Section 1: Transition to Parenting and Relationships in Practice – Working with Women

    1. What Women Want from Care Around the Time of Birth

    2. First Relationships and the Growth of Love and Commitment

    3. Becoming a Parent

    4. Midwifery Partnership: Working ‘With’ Women

    5. The Politics of Involving Women in Decision Making

    6. Supporting Midwives to Support Women

    7. Working with Women: Developing Continuity of Care in Practice

    8. The Birth of Twins: A Reflection on Practice

    Section 2: Putting Science into Practice

    9. Evidence-Based Care and Twins

    10. Evidence-Based Midwifery: Finding, Appraising and Applying Evidence in Practice

    11. Risk: Theoretical or Actual?

    12. Why Do Research?

    13. Jenna’s Care Story: Post-Term Pregnancy

    Section 3: Promoting Healthy Birth, Using Midwifery Skills and the Organisation of Practice

    14. A Public Health View of Maternity Services

    15. Reducing Inequalities in Childbirth: The Midwife’s Role in Public Health

    16. Keeping Birth Normal

    17. Being with Jane in Childbirth: Putting Science and Sensitivity into Practice



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