The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: Reproductive System

2nd Edition


  • Roger Smith
  • Paul Turek
  • Key Features

    • Master knowledge of the development, function, and pathology of the male and female reproductive tracts through elegant and informed side-by-side discussions of these systems.
    • View the artistic mastery and beauty of Netter’s finest images, presented in one of the most complete and best organized series of illustrations of reproductive system in health and disease.
    • Be inspired by the wondrously complex and highly-evolved human reproductive tract through integrated discussions of primary and subspecialty concepts in clinical care.
    • Get a deep understanding of complex topics in reproductive medicine through the brilliant text-atlas format that Netter has brought to new and richly artistic heights.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1

    Development of the Genital Tracts and Functional Relationships of the Gonads

    1-1 Genetics and Biology of Early Reproductive Tract Development

    1-2 Homologues of the Internal Genitalia

    1-3 Homologues of External Genitalia

    1-4 Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Hormonal Axis

    1-5 Testosterone and Estrogen Synthesis

    1-6 Puberty Normal Sequence

    1-7 Puberty – Abnormalities: Male Gonadal Failure

    1-8 Puberty – Abnormalities: 1-9 Puberty – Abnormalities: 1-10 Puberty – Abnormalities: Female Gonadal Failure

    1-11 Puberty – Abnormalities:

    1-12 Intersex: True Hermaphoditism

    1-13 Intersex: Male Pseudohermaphoditism I-Gonadal

    1-14 Intersex: Male Pseudohermaphoditism II-Hormonal

    1-15 Intersex: Female Pseudohermaphoditism

    Section 2

    The Penis and Male Perineum

    1. Pelvic Structures
    2. Superficial Fascial Layers
    3. Deep Fascial Layers
    4. Penile Fascia and Structures
    5. Urogenital Diaphragm
    6. Blood Supply of Pelvis
    7. Blood Supply of Perineum
    8. Blood Supply of Testis
    9. Lymphatic Drainage of Pelvis and Genitalia
    10. Innervation of Genitalia I
    11. Innervation of Genitalia II and of Perineum
    12. Urethra and Penis
    13. Erection and Erectile Dysfunction
    14. Hypospadias and Epispadias
    15. Congenital Valve Formation and Cyst
    16. Urethral Anomalies, Verumontanum Disorders
    17. Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Strangulation
    18. Peyronie’s Disease, Priapism, Thrombosis
    19. Trauma to Penis and Urethra
    20. Urinary Extravasation
    21. Balan


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