The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: Nervous System, Volume 7, Part 1 - Brain - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9781416063872, 9781455733873

The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: Nervous System, Volume 7, Part 1 - Brain

2nd Edition

Print ISBN: 9781416063872
eBook ISBN: 9781455733873
Imprint: Saunders
Published Date: 25th February 2013
Page Count: 392


Brain, Part 1 of The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: Nervous System, 2nd Edition, provides a highly visual guide to this complex organ, from basic neurodevelopment, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and cognition to classic disorders including to epilepsy, hypothalamus/pituitary with disorders of consciousness and sleep, movement disorders, cerebellum, stroke, multiple sclerosis, neurologic infections, neuro-oncology, headaches, and brain trauma. This spectacularly illustrated volume in the masterwork known as the (CIBA) Netter "Green Books" has been expanded and revised by Drs. H. Royden Jones, Jr., Ted M. Burns, Michael J. Aminoff, and Scott L. Pomeroy to mirror the many exciting advances in medicine and imaging - offering unparalleled insights into the broad clinical spectrum of brain disorders.

Key Features

  • Get complete, integrated visual guidance on the brain with thorough, richly illustrated coverage.
  • Quickly understand complex topics thanks to a concise text-atlas format that provides a context bridge between primary and specialized medicine.
  • Clearly visualize how core concepts of anatomy, physiology, and other basic sciences correlate across disciplines.
  • Benefit from matchless Netter illustrations that offer precision, clarity, detail and realism as they provide a visual approach to the clinical presentation and care of the patient.

Table of Contents



1-1 Embryo at 18 Days, 2

1-2 Embryo at 20 to 24 Days, 3

1-3 Central Nervous System at 28 Days, 4

1-4 Central Nervous System at 36 Days, 5

1-5 Defective Neural Tube Formation, 6

1-6 Defective Neural Tube Formation

(Continued), 7

1-7 Spinal Dysraphism, 8

1-8 Spinal Dysraphism (Continued), 9

1-9 Fetal Brain Growth in the First

Trimester, 10

1-10 Craniosynostosis, 11

1-11 Extracranial Hemorrhage and Skull

Fractures in the Newborn, 12

1-12 Intracranial Hemorrhage in the

Newborn, 13

1-13 The External Development of the Brain

in the Second and Third Trimesters, 14

1-14 Mature Brain Ventricles, 15

1-15 Hydrocephalus, 16

1-16 Surgical Treatment of Hydrocephalus, 17

1-17 Cerebral Palsy, 18

1-18 Establishing Cellular Diversity in the

Embryonic Brain and Spinal Cord, 20

1-19 Generation of Neuronal Diversity in the

Spinal Cord and Hindbrain, 22

1-20 Circuit Formation in the Spinal Cord, 23

1-21 Sheath and Satellite Cell Formation, 24

1-22 Development of Myelination and Axon

Ensheathment, 25

1-23 Brachial Plexus and/or Cervical Nerve

Root Injuries at Birth, 26

1-24 Morphogenesis and Regional

Differentiation of the Forebrain, 27

1-25 Neurogenesis and Cell Migration in the

Developing Neocortex, 28

1-26 Neuronal Proliferation and Migration

Disorders, 29

1-27 Developmental Dyslexia, 30

1-28 Autism Spectrum Disorders, 31

1-29 Rett Syndrome, 32



2-1 Superolateral Surface of Brain, 34

2-2 Medial Surface of Brain, 35

2-3 Inferior Surface of Brain, 36

2-4 Cerebral Cortex: Function and



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