The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: Musculoskeletal System, Volume 6, Part III - Biology and Systemic Diseases

2nd Edition


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  • Get complete, integrated visual guidance on the musculoskeletal system with thorough, richly illustrated coverage.
  • Quickly understand complex topics thanks to a concise text-atlas format that provides a context bridge between primary and specialized medicine.
  • Clearly visualize how core concepts of anatomy, physiology, and other basic sciences correlate across disciplines.
  • Benefit from matchless Netter illustrations that offer precision, clarity, detail and realism as they provide a visual approach to the clinical presentation and care of the patient.

Table of Contents



1-1 Amphioxus and Human Embryo at 16

Days, 2

1-2 Differentiation of Somites into Myotomes,

Sclerotomes, and Dermatomes, 3

1-3 Progressive Stages in Formation of

Vertebral Column, Dermatomes, and

Myotomes; Mesenchymal Precartilage

Primordia of Axial and Appendicular

Skeletons at 5 Weeks, 4

1-4 Fate of Body, Costal Process, and Neural

Arch Components of Vertebral Column,

With Sites and Time of Appearance of

Ossification Centers, 5

1-5 First and Second Cervical Vertebrae at

Birth; Development of Sternum, 6

1-6 Early Development of Skull, 7

1-7 Skeleton of Full-Term Newborn, 8

1-8 Changes in Position of Limbs Before Birth;

Precartilage Mesenchymal Cell

Concentrations of Appendicular Skeleton

at 6 Weeks, 9

1-9 Changes in Ventral Dermatome Pattern

During Limb Development, 10

1-10 Initial Bone Formation in Mesenchyme;

Early Stages of Flat Bone Formation, 11

1-11 Secondary Osteon (Haversian

System), 12

1-12 Growth and Ossification of

Long Bones, 13

1-13 Growth in Width of a Bone and Osteon

Remodeling, 14

1-14 Remodeling: Maintenance of Basic

Form and Proportions of Bone During

Growth, 15

1-15 Development of Three Types of Synovial

Joints, 16

1-16 Segmental Distribution of Myotomes in

Fetus of 6 Weeks; Developing Skeletal

Muscles at 8 Weeks, 17

1-17 Development of Skeletal Muscle

Fibers, 18

1-18 Cross Sections of Body at 6 to

7 Weeks, 19

1-19 Prenatal Development of Perineal

Musculature, 20

1-20 Origins and Innervations of Pharyngeal

Arch and Somite Myotome Muscles, 21

1-21 Branchiomeric and Adjacent Myotomic



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