Volume 4. The Mouse in Biomedical Research

2nd Edition


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Immunology, the third volume in the four volume set, The Mouse in Biomedical Research, is a completely new addition to this series, dedicated to mouse immunology. It is based on the vast body of knowledge which has made the mouse the model of choice when studying immunity in man. Arguably more is known about the immune system in mice than any other species except man. In large part this is due to the power of genetic engineering to delineate molecular mechanisms. In this volume we present an Overview to mouse immunology, including both the innate and adaptive immune systems, followed by 15 chapters, each dealing with a specific area of immunology in the mouse. These chapters illustrate the power of genetic engineering in dissecting each component of the immune response from the development of lymphoid tissues to signal transduction pathways in activated cells.


Veterinary and medical students, graduate students, post-docs, immunologists, and researchers who utilize animals in biomedical research

Table of Contents

Volume IV Immunology 1. The Molecular Basis of Lymphoid Architecture in the Mouse Carola G. Vinuesa and Matthew C. Cook 2. The Biology of Toll-like Receptors in Mice Osamu Takeuchi and Shizuo Akira 3. Genomic Organization of the Mouse Major Histocompatibility Complex Attila Kumánovics 4. Some Biological Features of Dendritic Cells in the Mouse Kang Liu, Anna Charalambous and Ralph M. Steinman 5. Mouse Models Revealed the Mechanisms for Somatic Hypermutation and Class Switch Recombination of Immunoglobulin Genes Maria D. Iglesias-Ussel, Ziqiang Li, and Matthew D. Scharff 6. Mouse Natural Killer Cells: Function and Activation Francesco Colucci 7. Cytokine-activated JAK-STAT Signaling in the Mouse Immune System Bin Liu and Ke Shuai 8. Signal Transduction Events Regulating Integrin Function and T Cell Migration in the Mouse Lakshmi R. Nagarajan and Yoji Shimizu 9. Mouse Models of Negative Selection Troy A. Baldwin, Timothy K. Starr and Kristin A. Hogquist 10. Peripheral Tolerance of T Cells in the Mouse Vigo Heissmeyer, Bogdan Tanasa, and Anjana Rao 11. The Genetics of Mouse Models of Systemic Lupus Srividya Subramanian and Edward K. Wakeland 12. Inhibitory Receptors and Autoimmunity in the Mouse Menna R. Clatworthy and Kenneth G.C. Smith 13. Mouse Models of Immunodeficiency B. Anne Croy, James P. Di Santo, Marcus Manz, and Richard B. Bankert 14. Mouse Models to Study the Pathogenesis of Allergic Ast


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