The Linguistic Cerebellum

1st Edition

Print ISBN: 9780128016084
eBook ISBN: 9780128017852
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 21st September 2015
Page Count: 444
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The Linguistic Cerebellum provides a comprehensive analysis of this unique part of the brain that has the most number of neurons, each operating in distinct networks to perform diverse functions.

This book outlines how those distinct networks operate in relation to non-motor language skills. Coverage includes cerebellar anatomy and function in relation to speech perception, speech planning, verbal fluency, grammar processing, and reading and writing, along with a discussion of language disorders.

Key Features

  • Discusses the neurobiology of cerebellar language functions, encompassing both normal language function and language disorders
  • Includes speech perception, processing, and planning
  • Contains cerebellar function in reading and writing
  • Explores how language networks give insight to function elsewhere in the brain


Researchers in cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, neuropsychology, and neuroscience.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. The Phonetic Cerebellum: Cerebellar Involvement in Speech Sound Production

    • Introduction
    • Cerebellar Contributions to Speech: Neuroanatomical Basis
    • Clinical Evidence
    • Conclusion: Models of Cerebellar Function in Speaking
  • Chapter 2. The Role of the Cerebellum in Speech Perception and Language Comprehension

    • Introduction
    • Cerebellar Aspects of Primary Auditory Functions
    • Speech Timing and Phonology
    • Higher Order Aspects of Speech Comprehension
    • Interference and Attention
    • Working Memory
    • Inner Speech and the Action Theory of Perception
    • Cognitive Automation
  • Chapter 3. The Cerebellum and Verbal Working Memory
  • Chapter 4. Cerebellum and Verbal Fluency (Phonological and Semantic)

    • Introduction
    • Neural Correlate of Verbal Fluency
    • Verbal Fluency in Cerebellar Pathologies
    • Clustering and Switching
    • Mechanism of Cerebellar Involvement in Verbal Fluency
    • Sequence Detection Theory
    • Conclusions
  • Chapter 5. Cerebellum and Grammar Processing

    • Background
    • Clinical Data
    • Neuroanatomical Architecture of the Cerebellum in Grammar Operations
    • Neurophysiologic Features of the Cerebellum in Grammar Processing
    • Theoretical Considerations of Underlying Cerebrocerebellar Pathways
    • Discussion
  • Chapter 6. Cerebellar-Induced Aphasia and Related Language Disorders

    • Introduction
    • Cerebellum and Linguistic Impairments
    • Cerebellar-Induced Aphasia
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
  • Chapter 7. Analysis of Speech and Language Impairments in Cerebellar Disorders

    • Introduction
    • Voice Recording Material
    • Voice Recording Session
    • Analysis Algorithm and


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"…the book constitutes an exhaustive review of the current state of affairs in non-motoric (and motoric) linguistic aspects of cerebellar research. With a major emphasis on the latest developments in speech and language, developmental and acquired disorders and evolutionary and neuroimaging research, it magnificently intersperses historical findings tracing back to 1831…with the most recent and controversial aspects in the field. This makes The Linguistic Cerebellum a highly valuable guide for professionals of diverse disciplines such as neurologists and neuropsychologists, cognitive scientists, speech and language pathologists and eurolinguists… to stimulate and orient future research."

Silvia Martinez-Ferreiro, Aphasiology, 2016