The Innovation SuperHighway

1st Edition

Authors: Debra M Amidon
Paperback ISBN: 9780750675925
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 31st October 2002
Page Count: 256


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Debra M. Amidon, a worldwide pioneer in knowledge strategy, once again leads you into the future by charting the intersection of knowledge management and innovation into a new frontier called 'Knowledge Innovation.' Groundbreaking and well researched, 'The Innovation SuperHighway' provides global insights into how you can use knowledge processes and tools to sustain high levels of innovation among all stakeholders to gain a competitive positioning.

'The Innovation SuperHighway' awakens the realization that information, economic infrastructures, computer and communications technology - and even knowledge management and ICT's, has been a journey toward profitable and prosperous innovation. Providing the sound rationale for knowledge strategy, Amidon defines the global vision on all levels of economy—the enterprise, the national economy and societal transformation.

'The Innovation SuperHighway' turns knowledge vision into innovation practice.

Key Features

  • Charts the intersection of knowledge management and innovation into a new frontier called 'Knowledge Innovation'
  • Provides global insights into how to sustain high levels of innovation among all stakeholders to gain a competitive edge
  • Articulates a broad vision with well-researched, documented trends and an international perspective


Knowledge professionals worldwide, KM practitioners and consultants, innovation strategists and policy makers, managers and executives, MBA students and academics in innovation policy and methods, and strategy.

Table of Contents

Introduction; The innovation frontier: A global imperative: sustainability (why); The knowledge value proposition: the business case (what); Migration from strategic planning to innovation strategy (how); Architecting a future: Knowledge economics; Knowledge structure; Knowledge workers; Knowledge process; Knowledge processing technology; The globe as a network: ENTOVATION - a case story; The E100 global momentum of knowledge strategy; Trends of innovation strategy; Innovation leadership in practice: Modern knowledge leadership; Exemplar Ken practitioners; Evolving innovation infrastructures; The Millennium vision: The knowledge millennium generation; Blueprint for 21st century innovation; Creating the world trade of ideas.


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About the Author

Debra M Amidon

Affiliations and Expertise

Founder and CEO, ENTOVATION International, Ltd.


"Debra makes innovation a central topic with decentralized (but) networked organizations. This paradigm is an important finding, since most big companies tend to re-centralize their innovation-processes to have better control!!!" - Joachim Doering, Sr. Vice President, Information Communications network, Siemens A.G. "Debra Amidon - a globally leading knowledge pioneer for decades - leverages how past experience is the key to visualizing the emerging longitude patterns of the Future through knowledge innovation. This book is a milestone in the knowledge field. She has put the spotlight on the two major dimensions - enterprising as well as innovations. The methodologies and international network outlined in this book represent a true global entrepreneurial spirit for nourishing intellectual capital." - Leif Edvinsson, CEO of UNIC and author of 'Intellectual Capital and Corporate Longitude' "If the 21st century is to be characterised by a profound shift towards a knowledge-based economic infrastructure then we cannot simply expect knowledge, innovation and learning to emerge serendipitously. Debra Amidon brings clarity of thought and a timely contribution to this important debate and demonstrates that we must develop strategies that connect hitherto compartmentalised components of our innovation pipelines." - Dr. Michael Kelleher, Director, the European Union KALiF Project "This is truly a landmark book and highly recommended as essential reading for those needed to lead innovation practices between functions of an organization, companies within industries, across sectors of the economy and among nations of the world. Debra suggests - and I concur - that innovating our future through human creativity - beyond technology and beyond content - is the key for wealth-generation in the 21st century. In this decisive book, Debra has been ex