The Hormones V3 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780123957146, 9780323141819

The Hormones V3

1st Edition

Physiology, Chemistry and Applications

Authors: NNN Unknown Publisher
eBook ISBN: 9780323141819
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1955
Page Count: 1026
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The Hormones: Physiology, Chemistry and Applications, Volume III covers the chemistry, physiology, and methods of analysis of various plant and animal hormones. This book is organized into 15 chapters that are mostly revision or reassessment of previous information presented in Volumes I and II. The first two chapters describe the chromatographic separation of plants hormones, particularly auxins, as well as hormones in invertebrates. These topics are followed by a chapter on the production, transport, storage, release, and mode of action of neurohormones. Significant chapters are devoted to the chemistry and physiology of secreted hormones, including parathyroid, pituitary, Islets of Langerhans, growth, lactogenic, thyroid, steroid, and sex hormones. The role and influence of these hormones on vital body processes are also discussed. The last chapter emphasizes the progress in understanding the principles and approaches in clinical endocrinology. This volume will be of great value to endocrinologists, physiologists, and biochemists.

Table of Contents

Contributors to Volume III


Contents of Volume I

Contents of Volume II

I. Plant Growth Hormones

I. Introduction

II. Assay Methods

III. Natural Auxins

IV. Synthetic Auxins

V. The Transport of Auxin

VI. The Role of Auxin in Physiological Inhibitions

VII. The Formation and Destruction of Auxin

VIII. Hormones and Reproduction

IX. Auxins and Pathological Growth

X. Mode of Action of Auxin


II. Hormones in Invertebrates

I. Introduction

II. Worms

III. Crustaceans

IV. Insects

V. Additional Arthropods

VI. Mollusks

VII. Tunicates

VIII. General Considerations


III. Neurohormones

I. Introduction

II. The Diversity of Neurohormones and Their Distribution

III. Production, Transport, Storage and Release of Neurohormones

IV. Recent Advances in Understanding the Modes of Action of Neurohormones

V. Summary


IV. Physiology and Chemistry of the Parathyroids

V. The Hormones of the Islets of Langerhans

I. Insulin

II. Glucagon


VI. Chemistry of the Anterior Pituitary Hormones

I. Introduction

II. Growth Hormone (GH, STH, PGH)

III. Thyrotropic Hormone (TSH)

IV. Exophthalmos-Producing Substance (EPS)

V. Prolactin (Luteotropin)

VI. Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

VII. Luteinizing Hormone (ICSH)

VIII. The Chemistry of the Corticotropins (or the Adrenocorticotropins)

IX. Summary



VII. Growth Hormone and Corticotropin

I. Introduction

II. Growth Hormone

III. Corticotropin


VIII. Physiology of the Gonadotropins and the Lactogenic Hormone

I. Introductory

II. The Gonadotropic Hormones

III. The Anterior-Pituitary Lactogenic Hormone (Prolactin)


IX. Hormones of the Posterior Pituitary

I. Introduction

II. Neural Lobe

III. Intermediate Lobe


X. The Chemistry and Physiology of the Thyroid

I. Morphology of the Thyroid

II. Prethyroid Iodine Metabolism

III. Intrathyroidal Iodine Metabolism

IV. Postthyroid Iodine Metabolism

V. Agents Affecting Growth and Function of the Thyroid

VI. Actions of Thyroid Hormone

VII. Physiologic Aspects of Thyroid Tumors


XI. Chemistry of Steroid Hormones

I. Nomenclature˜Abbreviations

II. Stereochemistry

III. Total Syntheses

IV. Partial Syntheses, Structures, and Chemical Properties

V. Introduction of Isotopic Labels by Chemical Means


XII. Steroid Hormone Metabolism

I. Introduction

II. The Biosynthesis of the Steroid Nucleus

III. Estrogens

IV. Progesterone

V. Androgens

VI. Adrenocortical Hormones

VII. Mammalian Enzymes Influencing Steroid Reactions

VIII. Generalizations


XIII. The Physiology of Ovarian and Testis Hormones

I. Introduction

II. The Assay of Ovarian and Testis Hormones

III. A Synopsis of the Physiological Effects of Ovarian Hormones

IV. A Synopsis of the Physiological Effects of Testis Hormones

V. Gonad Hormones in Embryogeny

VI. Sexagens and Enzyme Systems


XIV. Physiology of the Adrenal Cortex

I. Introduction

II. Morphology and Control of the Adrenal Cortex

III. Adrenocortical Insufficiency

IV. Adrenal Steroid Assay Procedures

V. Adrenal Cortex and Kidney Function

VI. Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on Sweat and Saliva

VII. Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on the Cardiovascular System

VIII. Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on the Nervous System

IX. Adrenal Cortex and Muscle Function

X. Adrenal Cortex and Carbohydrate Metabolism

XI. Adrenal Cortex and Protein Metabolism

XII. Adrenal Cortex and Fat Metabolism

XIII. Adrenal Cortex and Vitamins

XIV. Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on Lymphoid Tissue; Reticuloendothelial and Mast Cells

XV. Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on Blood and Bone Marrow

XVI. Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on Malignancy

XVII. Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on Bone

XVIIL Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on Skin and Hair

XIX. Influence of the Adrenal Cortex on Appetite and the Stomach

XX. Adrenal Cortex and Resistance to Damage

XXI. Adrenal Steroids and the Cellular Reaction to Inflammation and Injury

XXII. Adrenal Steroids and Sensitivity; Antigen-Antibody Reactions

XXIII. Adrenal Steroids and Susceptibility to Infection

XXIV. Adrenal-Thyroid Relationship

XXV. Adrenal-Gonad Relationship. Lactation


XV. Clinical Endocrinology

I. Introduction

II. Anterior Pituitary Gland

III. Thyroid Gland

IV. The Adrenal Gland

V. Ovary

VI. Placenta

VII. Testes

VIII. Puberty


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