The HDL Handbook

2nd Edition

Biological Functions and Clinical Implications

Print ISBN: 9780128102961
eBook ISBN: 9780124079243
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 6th November 2013
Page Count: 354
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The HDL Handbook: Biological Functions to Clinical Implications brings laboratory research in HDL from bench to bedside in this needed resource for researchers and clinicians studying cholesterol, lipids, epidemiology, biochemistry, molecular medicine, and pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. In addition researchers and clinicians working with an aging population, corporate researchers, postdocs; medical students and graduate students will find this publication useful, as the scope of coverage includes basic science, genetics, epidemiology, treatment of HDL cholesterol, as well as, potential targets to modify HDL cholesterol.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Introduction of HDL Molecules, Past and Brief Future


1 Introduction

2 HDL May be an Independent Predictor of CHD

3 High Levels of HDL Sometimes Cause Atherosclerosis: the Example of CETP Deficiency

4 Is HDL-C Really “Good Cholesterol”?

5 Quantitative and Qualitative Measurement of HDL-C Molecules

6 Conclusion


Chapter 2. Apolipoprotein A-I Mutations and Clinical Evaluation


1 Introduction

2 Physiological Functions of apoA-I

3 Genomic and Protein Structure of apoA-I

4 ApoA-I Deficiencies with Large Deficiency, Inversion, Nonsense, or Frameshift Mutations

5 ApoA-I Missense Mutations with Low HDL-C

6 ApoA-I Mutations Related to Amyloidosis

7 Cysteine Mutants of apoA-I

8 Anti-Atherogenic apoA-I and apoA-IMilano

9 Conclusion


Chapter 3. The Complexity of High-Density Lipoproteins


1 HDL and Cardiovascular Disease

2 What is HDL?

3 HDL Metabolism

4 Moderators of HDL Particle Distribution and Composition

5 HDL Structure

6 HDL Proteomics

7 HDL Functions

8 The Future of HDL Research


Chapter 4. Reverse Cholesterol Transport in HDL Metabolism: Modulation of Structural and Functional Features of HDL Particles


1 Overall Mechanism of the Reverse Cholesterol Transport

2 Relationship Between HDL Structure and Function in Reverse Cholesterol Transport

3 Metabolic Disorders Associated with a Low HDL-C Phenotype and Dysfunctional HDL Particles

4 Inflammatory States Associated with Altered HDL Function in Reverse Cholesterol Transport

5 Genetic Variants Associated with Altered HDL Function in Reverse Cholesterol Transport


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"Editor Komoda's research handbook for physicians and medical scientists addresses in detail the biochemistry and pathophysiology of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. The history of HDL research is summarized in the introduction, including its labeling as "good cholesterol" and recent questions problematizing that label.", January 2014
"This is one of the best available sources for a concise yet detailed review of the enormous data on HDL mechanics, genetics, and clinical implications…a very effective and focused presentation for a complex topic…This is an outstanding work. The book is unique in that it not only updates leaders in the field on new advances in HDL research, but it also can jump start beginners in the field." Rating: 4, February 28, 2014