This latest volume in Advances in Genetics covers the genetics of Circadian rhythms. With an international  group of authors this volume is the latest offering in this widely praised series.


Geneticists, molecular biologists, neurobiologists

Table of Contents

  • Series Page
  • Contributors
  • Introduction
    • I. Introduction
    • II. An Unofficial, Abbreviated/Annotated Version of the History of the Genetics of Circadian Rhythms
    • III. Common Themes
    • IV. Some Reflections
  • The Itty-Bitty Time Machine
    • Abbreviations
    • I. Introduction
    • II. The Kai-Based Oscillator: Early Studies
    • III. KaiC: Breakthroughs into Oscillator Timing and Clock Synchronization
    • IV. Input Pathways: Light-Dependent Cellular Metabolism Synchronizes the Clock with Local Time
    • V. Output Pathways: Multiple Independent Pathways Merge to Coordinate Cellular and Physiological Processes
    • VI. Conclusions
    • Acknowledgments
  • The Genetics of Circadian Rhythms in Neurospora
    • I. Introduction
    • II. Early Genetic Analysis
    • III. The Genetics and Biochemistry of the FRQ/WCC Feedback Loop
    • IV. Other Clock-Associated Genes
    • V. FRQ-Less Rhythms
    • VI. Clock-Controlled Genes
    • VII. Outlook
  • The Genetics of Plant Clocks
    • I. Introduction
    • II. Genome-Wide Characterization of Circadian-Regulated Genes and Processes
    • III. Molecular Organization of Plant Circadian Clocks into Interlocked Transcriptional Feedback Loops
    • IV. Conservation of Clock Genes
    • V. Circadian Clocks Enhance Fitness
    • VI. Concluding Remarks
    • Acknowledgment
  • Molecular Genetic Analysis of Circadian Timekeeping in Drosophila
    • I. Introduction
    • II. The Circadian Feedback Loops of Drosophila
    • III. Posttranscriptional Regulation of Rhythmic Transcription
    • IV. Light Entrainment of the Drosophila Circadian Feedback Loops
    • V. Summary and Conclusions
    • Acknowledgments
  • Genetics of Circadian Rhy


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