The FactsBooks Series has established itself as the best source of easily-accessible and accurate facts about protein groups. Described as "a growing series of excellent manuals" by Molecular Medicine Today, and "essential works of reference" by Trends in Biochemical Sciences, the FactsBooks have become the most popular comprehensive data resources available. Using an easy-to-follow format and drawing from meticulous research, the Factsbooks will keep you up-to-date with the latest advances in structure, amino acid sequences, physicochemical properties, and biological activity. The Gene Knockout FactsBook contains entries, grouped into subject disciplines, covering immunology, neurobiology, development, cancer, and other knockouts. It describes more than 600 gene knockouts described and listed in alphabetical order for easy reference.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Entries provide information on: * general description of the protein and its function * gene symbol and database accession number * knockout construct * mouse phenotype * key references


Geneticists and life scientists in all branches, particularly immunologists, cell and developmental biologists, neuroscientists, and molecular biologists.

Table of Contents

5-HT1B. 5-HT2c. ACE. ACP5. AROSIN. ACTIVIN REC TYPE II. ACTIVIN/INHIBIN BETA B. ACTIVIN/INHIBIN BETA A. Ada. Ae1. AGA. AGT. AGTR1A. AGTR2. AHR. Alox12p. Alpha Galactosidase. Alpha Lactalbumin. Alpha-Globin. Alpha-Inhibin. Alx-4. AML-1. ANP. Ant1. AP-2. Apo A-1. ApoA-II. ApoB. Apobec-1. ApoC-I. ApoC-III. ApoE. APP. APRT. ARNT. ASGPR2. Asmase. ASS. ATF-2. B7.1. B7.2. Bax. Bcl-x. Bcl2. Bcl6. Bcr. BDNF. Beta C Chain. Beta IL-3. Beta-2 Microglobulin. BETA-CATENIN. BF-1. BF-2. BK2R. BMP1. BMP2. BMP4. BMP7. Bmp8a. Bmp8b. BMPR. Brca1. Brca2. C-erb Aalpha. C-kit. C-mpl. C-rel. C-ROS. C/EBP a. C/EBP beta (NF-IL6). C/EBP delta. C3. C5aR. Calbindin. Calretinin. CART HOMEOPROT1. Casein-Beta. CBFA1. Cbfb. CBS. CCHB1. CCR2. CCR5. CD11a. CD11Bcd14. Cd19. CD1d1. CD22. CD23. CD24. CD28. CD3 Epsilon. CD3 Eta.


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