Key Features

  • Big Picture Section - enables readers to relate detail to the subject as a whole
  • High Return Facts - prevents students from having large gaps in their knowledge. Can be used as a revision tool. Reinforces the major points.
  • Cartoon-strip illustrations - enable students to visualize difficult concepts in a step-by-step format. Allow information to be chunked into student-friendly sizes.
  • Double-page overviews - students can read summary of topic without cross-referencing to other pages. All laid out on one spread.

Table of Contents

Section 1 The Big Picture.
Section 2 High Return Facts.
Section 3 Fleshed Out.


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About the authors

Robert Norman

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Lecturer in Medical Biochemistry, Department of Medicine, University of Leicester, UK

David Lodwick

Affiliations and Expertise

Lecturer in Medical Biology, Department of Medicine, University of Leicester, UK