The Effect of Creep and Other Time Related Factors on Plastics and Elastomers

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    What is the minimum amount of materials needed to meet your performance requirements? How much will the dimensions of a part change when loaded for a specified time at a given temperature? Engineers and designers will find the answers to these important questions in The Effect of Creep and Other Time Related Factors on Plastics. This is the only single reference that shows the effect of creep and time. A databank of material constants used in engineering design equations substituting time/temperature dependent apparent modulus for elastic modulus in standard engineering equations will allow prediction of the effects of creep and stress relaxation.


    Engineers, researchers and technicians in the plastics industry.

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    Creep of Plastics - Alphabetical Listing of Materials Rubber, Fluoro, FKM Rubber, Fluoro, TFE/ P Rubber, Silicone, VMQ Thermoplastic, ABS Thermoplastic, Acetal Thermoplastic, Acetal Copolymer Thermoplastic, Acrylic Thermoplastic, Alloy, ABS/ PVC Thermoplastic, Alloy, PC/ ABS Thermoplastic, Alloy, PPE/ Nylon 6 Thermoplastic, Alloy, SMA/ ABS Thermoplastic, ASA Thermoplastic, CPVC Thermoplastic, Fluoro, ECTFE Thermoplastic, Fluoro, ETFE Thermoplastic, Fluoro, FEP Thermoplastic, Fluoro, PFA Thermoplastic, Fluoro, PVDF Thermoplastic, Fluoro, TFE Thermoplastic, Liquid Crystal Thermoplastic, Nylon 11 Thermoplastic, Nylon 46 Thermoplastic, Nylon 6 Thermoplastic, Nylon 610 Thermoplastic, Nylon 612 Thermoplastic, Nylon 66 Thermoplastic, Nylon MXD6 Thermoplastic, Nylon, Amorph. Thermoplastic, Polyamide, Polyarylamide Thermoplastic, Polycarbonate Thermoplastic, Polyester, PBT Thermoplastic, Polyester, PET Thermoplastic, Polyester, Polyarylate Thermoplastic, Polyethylene, HDPE Thermoplastic, Polyethylene, LDPE Thermoplastic, Polyethylene, UHMWPE Thermoplastic, Polyimide Thermoplastic, Polyimide, Polyamideimide Thermoplastic, Polyimide, Polyetherimide Thermoplastic, Polyketone, Polyetheretherketone Thermoplastic, Polymethylpentene Thermoplastic, Polyphenylene Ether, Modified Thermoplastic, Polyphenylene Sulfide Thermoplastic, Polypr


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