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1. Introduction 2. The Physical Environment ƒ{ 2.1 Introduction ƒ{ 2.2 Sand ƒ{ 2.3 Waves ƒ{ 2.4 Other drivers of water movement ƒ{ 2.5 Sand transport ƒ{ 2.6 Interactions between beach slope, waves, tides and sand ƒ{ 2.7 Beach indices ƒ{ 2.8 Beach types ƒ{ 2.9 Circulation cells and mixing ƒ{ 2.10 Embayments and headlands ƒ{ 2.11 Swash climate ƒ{ 2.12 Slope ƒ{ 2.13 Latitudinal effects ƒ{ 2.14 Conclusions 3. The Interstitial Environment ƒ{ 3.1 Introduction ƒ{ 3.2 Characteristics of the system ƒ{ 3.3 Processes of water input ƒ{ 3.4 Water filtration ƒ{ 3.5 Water table fluctuations ƒ{ 3.6 Interstitial chemistry ƒ{ 3.7 The interstitial environment ƒ{ 3.8 Conclusions 4. Beach and Surf Zone Flora ƒ{ 4.1 Introduction ƒ{ 4.2 Benthic microflora ƒ{ 4.3 Surf-zone phytoplankton ƒ{ 4.4 Seagrasses ƒ{ 4.5 Conclusions 5. Sandy Beach Invertebrates ƒ{ 5.1 Introduction ƒ{ 5.2 Important groups ƒ{ 5.3 Conclusions 6. Adaptation to Sandy Beach Life ƒ{ 6.1 Introduction ƒ{ 6.2 Locomotion ƒ{ 6.3 Rhythms of activity ƒ{ 6.4 Sensory responses and orientation ƒ{ 6.5 Choice of habitat ƒ{ 6.6 Nutrition ƒ{ 6.7 Respiration ƒ{ 6.8 Environmental tolerances ƒ{ 6.9 Reproduction ƒ{ 6.10 Aggregations and gregariousness ƒ{ 6.11 Avoidance of predators ƒ{ 6.12 Phenotypic plasticity ƒ{ 6.13 Conclusions 7.


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A.C. Brown

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Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, & University of Cape Town, South Africa

Anton McLachlan

Dr McLachlan has had a long and established career in beach ecology. He has worked around the world and has headed up multiple departments and research institutions including: the Director for the Institute for Coastal Research, Chair of the Dept. of Zoology and has held a number of Dean positions at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. He has over 90 publications to date.

Affiliations and Expertise

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman