The Digital Consumer Technology Handbook

1st Edition

A Comprehensive Guide to Devices, Standards, Future Directions, and Programmable Logic Solutions

Authors: Amit Dhir
Paperback ISBN: 9780750678155
eBook ISBN: 9780080530413
Imprint: Newnes
Published Date: 13th February 2004
Page Count: 656
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The consumer electronics market has never been as awash with new consumer products as it has over the last couple of years. The devices that have emerged on the scene have led to major changes in the way consumers listen to music, access the Internet, communicate, watch videos, play games, take photos, operate their automobiles—even live.

Digital electronics has led to these leaps in product development, enabling easier exchange of media, cheaper and more reliable products, and convenient services.

This handbook is a much-needed, comprehensive engineering guide to the dynamic world of today's digital consumer electronics.

It provides complete details on key enabling technologies, standards, delivery and reception systems, products, appliances and networking systems.

Each chapter follows a logical progression from a general overview of each device, to market dynamics, to the core technologies and components that make up that particular product. The book thoroughly covers all of the key digital consumer product categories: digital TV, digital audio, mobile communications devices, gaming consoles, DVD players, PCs and peripherals, display devices, digital imaging devices, web terminals and pads, PDAs and other handhelds, screenphones/videophones, telematics devices, eBooks and readers, and many other current and future products.

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Key Features

·Surveys crucial engineering information for every digital consumer product category, including cell phones, digital TVs, digital cameras, PDAs and many more—the only reference available to do so ·Has extremely broad market appeal to embedded systems professionals, including engineers, programmers, engineering managers, marketing and sales personnel—1,000,000+ potential readers ·Helps engineers and managers make the correct design decisions based on real-world data


embedded systems professionals, engineers, programmers, engineering managers, marketing and sales personnel

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Generation D—The Digital Decade The Urge to Be Connected Our Daily Lives The Digitization of Consumer Products Why Digitization? Converging Media Faster and Cheaper Components Broadband Access—The Fat Internet Pipe Home Networking The Day of the Digital Consumer Device Bringing it All Together

Chapter 2: Digital Consumer Devices Introduction The Era of Digital Consumer Devices Market Forecast Market Drivers Phases of Market Acceptance Success Factors and Challenges Functional Requirements What About the Personal Computer? Digital Home King of All—The Single All-Encompassing Consumer Device Summary

Chapter 3: Digital Television and Video Introduction History of Television Components of a Digital TV System Digital TV Standards SDTV and HDTV Technologies Digital Set-top Boxes Market Outlook Integrated Digital Televisions Digital Home Theater Systems Digital Video Recorders Summary

Chapter 4: Audio Players Introduction The Need for Digital Audio—Strengths of the Digital Domain Principles of Digital Audio Digital Physical Media Formats Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Internet Audio Formats Components of MP3 Portable Players Flash Memory Internet Audio Players – Market Data and Trends Other Portable Audio Products Convergence of MP3 Functionality in Other Digital Consumer Devices Internet Radio D


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About the Author

Amit Dhir

Affiliations and Expertise

Marketing Manager, Xilinx, Inc., San Jose, CA, USA


A comprehensive guide to Devices, Standards, Future Directions, and Programmable Logic Solutions. Contains a vast array of engineering details on every digital consumer device available today - and tomorrow - EDN "...does a prety nifty job as an encyclopedic look at just about every major technology that competes for your money, time and living space...Dhir has written a terrific book that seems to be a must-have title for anyone with an interest in consumer electronics, where most of us have expertise in one area, but have blind spots when it comes to the knowledge of other technological niches. Hopefully, The Digital Consumer Technology Handbook will inform its readers - and allow them to make informed decision when it comes to spending their hard-earned money on electronics - Nuts and Volts, September 2004