The Dielectric Function of Condensed Systems - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780444873668, 9780444600530

The Dielectric Function of Condensed Systems, Volume 24

1st Edition

Editors: L.V. Keldysh A.A. Maradudin D.A. Kirzhnitz
eBook ISBN: 9780444600530
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 6th December 1989
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Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Introduction (L.V. Keldysh). 2. General properties of electromagnetic response functions (D.A. Kirzhnitz). 3. The dielectric function of the homogeneous electron gas (V.D. Gorobchenko, V.N. Kohn and E.G. Maksimov). 4. The dielectric function of crystalline systems (O.V. Dolgov and E.G. Maksimov). 5. The dielectric function and collective oscillations in inhomogeneous matter (Yu.E. Lozovik and A.V. Klyuchnik). 6. Electromagnetic fluctuations and molecular (Van der Waals) forces in condensed matter (Yu. S. Barash and V.L. Ginzburg). 7. The electrodynamics of superlattices (N. Raj and D.R. Tilley). Author index. Subject index. Cumulative index.


Much progress has been made in the understanding of the general properties of the dielectric function and in the calculation of this quantity
for many classes of media. This volume gathers together the considerable information available and presents a detailed overview of the present status of the theory of electromagnetic response functions, whilst simultaneously covering a wide range of problems in its application to condensed matter physics.

The following subjects are covered:

  • the dielectric function of the homogeneous electron gas, of crystalline systems, and of inhomogeneous matter;
  • electromagnetic fluctuations and molecular forces in condensed matter;
  • electrodynamics of superlattices.


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About the Editors

L.V. Keldysh Editor

A.A. Maradudin Editor

D.A. Kirzhnitz Editor