The Corporate Security Professional's Handbook on Terrorism

1st Edition


  • Edward Halibozek
  • Andy Jones
  • Gerald Kovacich
  • The Corporate Security Professional's Handbook on Terrorism

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    The Corporate Security Professional's Handbook on Terrorism is a professional reference that clarifies the difference between terrorism against corporations and their assets, versus terrorism against government assets. It addresses the existing misconceptions regarding how terrorism does or does not affect corporations, and provides security professionals and business executives with a better understanding of how terrorism may impact them. Consisting three sections, Section I provides an explanation of what terrorism is, its history, who engages in it, and why. Section II focuses on helping the security professional develop and implement an effective anti-terrorism program in order to better protect the employees and assets of the corporation. Section III discusses the future as it relates to the likelihood of having to deal with terrorism. The book provides the reader with a practitioner’s guide, augmented by a historical assessment of terrorism and its impact to corporations, enabling them to immediately put in place useful security processes and methods to protect their corporate interests against potential acts of terror. This is guide is an essential tool for preparing security professionals and company executives to operate in an increasingly hostile global business environment.

    Key Features

    - Features case studies involving acts of terror perpetrated against corporate interests - Provides coverage of the growing business practice of outsourcing security - Remains practical and straightforward in offering strategies on physically securing premises, determining risk, protecting employees, and implementing emergency planning


    PRIMARY MARKET: Corporate and industrial security professionals; other corporate executives with responsibility for protecting corporate and company facilities, people and other assets; ASIS. SECONDARY MARKET: Other corporate managers, students in international business courses.

    Table of Contents

    Section I: An Introduction to the Global World of Terrorism Chapter 1: What is Terrorism? Chapter 2: A Short History of Terrorism Chapter 3: Old and New Groups Chapter 4: Case Studies of Terrorists Attacks Section II Establishing and Managing a Corporate Anti-Terrorist Program Chapter 5: Determining the Corporate Risks to Terrorists’ Attacks Chapter 6: Physically Securing Corporate Premises to Mitigate Attacks Chapter 7: Protecting Employees from Terrorists Attacks Chapter 8: Preparing For a Terrorists Attack – Emergency Planning and Implementation Chapter 9: Operational Security Methods to Mitigate Terrorist Attacks Chapter 10: Coordinating and Planning with Anti-Terrorist Agencies – Counterterrorism Efforts Within the Corporate Environment Section III The Future World Chapter 11: The Future Global Security Business Environment Chapter 12: The Future of International Terrorism Chapter 13: The Future of Security Professionals in Fighting Terrorism Chapter 14: Summary


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    About the authors

    Edward Halibozek

    Edward P. Halibozek is currently a corporate vice president of security for a Fortune 100 company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. He holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and an MBA in business. Mr. Halibozek is an experienced lecturer and has written and published many articles, papers, plans, policies and procedures related to corporate security. Mr. Halibozek is the former Chairperson for the Aerospace Industries Association, Industrial Security Committee and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Chief Special Agents Association in Los Angeles California. Mr. Halibozek served for four years as an Industry member to the National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC).

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Former Corporate VP of Security for a Fortune 100 company, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Andy Jones

    Andy Jones is an experienced Military Intelligence Analyst and Information Technology Security specialist. He has had considerable experience in the analysis of Intelligence material in Strategic, Tactical and Counter-Insurgency operations and a wide range of Information systems management experience. In addition, he has considerable experience in the security of Information Technology systems, having been responsible for the implementation of Information Technology security within all areas of the British Army and in some joint service organizations. He has directed both Intelligence and Security operations and briefed the results at the highest level. He was awarded the MBE for his work during his service in Northern Ireland and has gained an Open University Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and technology and a Masters degree in Information Security and Computer Crime from the University of Glamorgan. After completing 25 years service with the British Army’s Intelligence Corps, he moved into the area of defense research and was employed as the manager of a group of 80 research scientists and as a researcher and analyst in the area of Information Security. He has also had experience as a project manager within defense research for the security aspects of a number of large projects and has gained considerable expertise on the criminal and terrorist aspects of Information Security. He has undertaken a range of research into a number of aspects of Information warfare and the threats to information systems. 1n 2002 he co-authored a book on information warfare and is currently researching to write a book on the risks to information systems. In addition to his main work as a senior lecturer on Information Security and Computer Crime at the University of Glamorgan, he is currently also an associate lecturer for the Open University on Internet communications. His primary area of research for the last two years has been into methods for the measurement of t

    Affiliations and Expertise

    A Research Group Leader at the Security Research Centre for British Telecommunications where he is conducting research into the security of information and communication systems.

    Gerald Kovacich

    Dr. Kovacich has over 40 years of security, criminal and civil investigations, anti-fraud, information warfare, and information systems security experience in both government as a special agent and as a manager in international corporations. Dr. Kovacich currently resides on an island in Washington state where he continues to write, lecture and conduct research relative to information systems security, information warfare defensive and offensive operations, high-technology crime and techno-terrorism.

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Security consultant, lecturer, and author, Oak Harbor, WA, USA