The Concise Encyclopedia of Materials Processing - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080964928, 9780080964935

The Concise Encyclopedia of Materials Processing

1st Edition

Editors: John Martin
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080964928
eBook ISBN: 9780080964935
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 6th October 2009
Page Count: 854
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The Concise Encyclopedia of Materials Processing is a definitive anthology drawn from the Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Technology (EMSAT). The current volume provides information on how materials are transformed from their raw state into useful end products. The text covers articles about casting techniques, deformation processing, crystal growth, heat treatment, machinery and joining procedures, and production and consolidation of powders.

The articles in the present volume are arranged in alphabetical order and present the following features: • Quality information about the principles of materials processing • Physico-chemical and mechanical description of materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics and polymers • Up-to-date information on the processing of a range of materials of engineering importance • Bridges the divide between engineering academia and professionals The book provides information about materials processing to engineering and materials science professionals, students, and beginners.

Key Features

  • A concise point of reference for quality information on materials processing
  • Bridges the divide between academia and professionals 
  • Exceptional content for a fraction of the price of Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology


This volume is of interest to both professionals working with materials in academia and also engineering professionals processing materials within industry

Table of Contents

Editors Preface Alphabetical List of Articles A Aluminum Alloys, Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys: Thermomechanical Processing Atomization B Beryllium: Alloying, Thermomechanical Processing, Properties and Applications Biomimetic Materials: Properties and Processing Brazing Brazing Filler Metals C Casting of Intermetallics Casting of Semisolid Metals: Engineering Applications Ceramics and Glasses, Tempering of: Residual Stresses Ceramic Matrix Composites: Matrices and Processing Cobalt Alloys: Alloying and Thermomechanical Processing Colloid Casting Composites, Joining of Conducting Polymers, Solution- and Gel-processing of Continuous Casting Continuous Casting: Complex Models Copper Alloys: Thermal and Thermomechanical Processing Crystal Growth from the Melt Cutting and Drilling of Metals and Other Materials: A Comparison Cutting Fluids for Machining Cutting-tool Materials D Deformation Processing and Primary Shaping of Ceramics and Polymers: Comparison with Metals Die Casting (Permanent Mold) Directional Recrystallization Dynamic Recovery and Recrystallization E Electroceramics, Colloidal Stability and Processing of Electroceramics: Rapid Prototyping F Ferrous Metals, Heat Treatment of Forming Procedures in Polymer Component Manufacturing Freeform Fabrication G Gel Casting Gold Casting Alloy, New, for Dental Applications Green Machining Grinding Growth of Shaped Crystals from the Melt H Heat Treatment Hot Rolling I Injection Molding Investment Casting (Disposable Mold) J Joining of Metals L Laser Cutting Laser Forming of Metals Liquid Phase Sintering: Ceramics Liquid Phase Sintering: Metals Lost Foam Casting (Disposable Mold) M Machining and Machinability Machining a


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