The Comprehensive Sourcebook of Bacterial Protein Toxins

3rd Edition

Print ISBN: 9780120884452
eBook ISBN: 9780080456980
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 19th December 2005
Page Count: 1072
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This book describes the major achievements and discoveries relevant to bacterial protein toxins since the turn of the new century illustrated by the discovery of more than fifty novel toxins (many of them identified through genome screening). The establishment of the three-dimensional crystal structure of more than 20 toxins during the same period offers deeper knowledge of structure-activity relationships and provides a framework to understand how toxins recognize receptors, penetrate membranes and interact with and modify intracellular substrates.

Key Features

  • Edited by two of the most highly regarded experts in the field from the Institut Pasteur, France
  • 14 brand new chapters dedicated to coverage of historical and general aspects of toxinology
  • Includes the major toxins of both basic and clinical interest are described in depth
  • Details applied aspects of toxins such as therapy, vaccinology, and toolkits in cell biology
  • Evolutionary and functional aspects of bacterial toxins evaluated and summarized
  • Toxin applications in cell biology presented
  • Therapy (cancer therapy, dystonias) discussed
  • Vaccines (native and genetically engineered vaccines) featured
  • Toxins discussed as biological weapons, comprising chapters on anthrax, diphtheria, ricin etc.


Researchers, Academics, Graduate Students and PhD's in general microbiology, clinical microbiology and infectious disease

Table of Contents

Introduction A 116-year story of bacterial protein toxins (1888-2004): From 'diphtheritic poison' to molecular toxinology
Evolutionary aspects of toxin-producing bacteria
Mobile genetic elements and pathogenicity islands encoding bacterial toxins Regulation systems of toxin expression Toxin secretion systems Intracellular trafficking of bacterial protein toxins Translocation of bacterial protein toxin into the cytosol Bacterial toxins and virulence factors targeting the actin cytoskeleton and intracellular junctions Bacterial toxins and mitochondria Toxins activating RHO GTPases and exploiting the cellular ubiquitin/proteasome machineries Toxin receptors Molecular, functional and evolutionary aspects of ADP-ribosylating toxins Diphtheria toxin
Attack of the nervous system by clostridial toxins: Physical findings, cellular and molecular actions Uptake and transport of clostridial neurotoxins Bacillus anthracis toxins Large clostridial cytotoxins modifying small GTPases

Bordetella protein toxins

Vibrio Cholerae and Escherichia Coli thermolabile enterotoxin The Shiga toxins: Properties and action on cells

Helicobacter pylori vacuolating toxin

Pasteurella multocida toxin Cytolethal distending toxins

Pseudomonas aeruginosa toxins

Escherichia coli heat- stable enterotoxin b Paradigms and classification of bacterial membrane -damaging toxins Membrane damaging and cytotoxic phospholipases

Bacteroides fragilis toxins Structure and mode of action of RTX cytolysins Genetics and phylogeny of RTX cytolysins<BR id="


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“The title of this book says it all – this volume is encyclopedic, thorough, and as complete as any book of this type could be. …This book is a pièce de résistance. The editors are to be congratulated on producing a revised edition with vitality. They have successfully met all of the challenges posed in knitting diverse contributions together. The Comprehensive Sourcebook of Bacterial Protein Toxins will be an authoritative reference work for many years. Every medical school and university library must have a copy. For the individual purchaser, it will be a worthwhile investment and a treasure trove of information.” - Cyril J. Smith, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland for CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES (Sept 2006) "Doody's 3 Star Review: This book presents an overview of current approaches to protein structure prediction. Beginning with very basic concepts, there is a transition to modern methods with a strong (and logical) emphasis on computational approaches...This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the techniques commonly employed in [the] field...This is a concise, well written overview of the field. More technical manuals are available and there is a great deal of primary literature. Nonetheless, this book is of substantial value to younger scientists." - Eugene A Davidson, PhD, Georgetown University School of Medicine (2006)