The Complement FactsBook

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Published Date: 28th October 1999
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The complement system is a protein system that combines with antibodies in the body to form a powerful defense against invading bugs and viruses. Acting either directly to destroy the invading antigens, or indirectly by activating and guiding phagocytes to destroy, the complement system must be closely controlled to prevent the 'killing power' from turning on the body itself.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations. Preface.

Section 1: The Introductory Chapters

B.J. Morley and M. Walport, Introduction. B.J. Morely and M. Walport, The Complement System. Section II: The Complement Proteins Part 1: C1q and the Collectins F. Petry and M. Loos, C1q. P. Lawson and K.B.M. Reid, Mannose-binding Lectin. P. Lawson and K.B.M. Reid, Bovine Conglutinin. R.B. Sim, SP-A. R.B. Sim, SP-D. Part 2: Serine Proteases N. Thielens and G.J. Arlaud, C1r. N. Thielens and G.J. Arlaud, C1s. T. Fujita, MASP-1. S. Petersen and J. Jensenius, MASP-2. J. Schifferli and S. Niot, Factor D. Y. Xu Ma and J.E. Volanakis, C2. A. Circolo and H.R. Colten, Factor B. B.J. Morley, Factor I. Part 3: C3 Family M. Botto, C3. R.A. Wetsel, C5. Part 4: Terminal Pathway Components M. Hobart, C6. M. Hobart, C7. F. Tedesco, M.E. Plumb, and J.M. Sodetz, C8. B.P. Morgan, C9. Part 5: Regulations of Complement Activation (RCA) L.B. Klickstein, CR1. J.M. Guthridge and V.M. Holers, CR2. L. Kuttner-Kondo, W.G. Brodbeck, and M.E. Medof, Decay-accelerating Factor. M.K. Liszewski and J.P. Atkinson, Membrane Cofactor Protein. S. Rodriguez de Cordoba, O. Criado Garcia, and P. Sanchez-Corral, C4b-binding Protein. R.G. DiScipio


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