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Abbreviations. Preface. Section 1: The Introductory Chapters B.J. Morley and M. Walport, Introduction. B.J. Morely and M. Walport, The Complement System. Section II: The Complement Proteins Part 1: C1q and the Collectins F. Petry and M. Loos, C1q. P. Lawson and K.B.M. Reid, Mannose-binding Lectin. P. Lawson and K.B.M. Reid, Bovine Conglutinin. R.B. Sim, SP-A. R.B. Sim, SP-D. Part 2: Serine Proteases N. Thielens and G.J. Arlaud, C1r. N. Thielens and G.J. Arlaud, C1s. T. Fujita, MASP-1. S. Petersen and J. Jensenius, MASP-2. J. Schifferli and S. Niot, Factor D. Y. Xu Ma and J.E. Volanakis, C2. A. Circolo and H.R. Colten, Factor B. B.J. Morley, Factor I. Part 3: C3 Family M. Botto, C3. R.A. Wetsel, C5. Part 4: Terminal Pathway Components M. Hobart, C6. M. Hobart, C7. F. Tedesco, M.E. Plumb, and J.M. Sodetz, C8. B.P. Morgan, C9. Part 5: Regulations of Complement Activation (RCA) L.B. Klickstein, CR1. J.M. Guthridge and V.M. Holers, CR2. L. Kuttner-Kondo, W.G. Brodbeck, and M.E. Medof, Decay-accelerating Factor. M.K. Liszewski and J.P. Atkinson, Membrane Cofactor Protein. S. Rodriguez de Cordoba, O. Criado Garcia, and P. Sanchez-Corral, C4b-binding Protein. R.G. DiScipio


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