The Collaborative Partnership Approach to Care - A Delicate Balance

1st Edition

Revised Reprint


  • Cindy Dalton
  • Nancy Feeley
  • Laurie Gottlieb
    • Print ISBN 9780779699827

    Key Features

    • Uses a variety of formats to present ideas about collaboration.

    • Describes ideas about collaboration from the perspective of expert clinicians who have been using collaboration as their approach to nursing care.

    • Integrates quotes from interviews with expert clinicians to illustrate ideas about collaboration.

    • Uses examples from clinical practice to help the reader understand how these theoretical ideas are translated into practice.

    • Describes ideas used in teaching students about collaboration.

    • Raises questions that can guide further research in this area.

    Table of Contents

    1. Foundations of Collaborative Partnership

    2. The Essential Ingredients of a Collaborative Partnership

    3. The Spiraling Model of Collaborative Partnership

    4. Factors that Shape the Collaborative Partnership

    5. Nursing Strategies for a Collaborative Partnership

    6. Indicators of Collaborative Partnership

    7. Ask The Experts I: Questions About Collaboration With Different Groups, in Different Settings and Within Different Time Frames (H1)

    8. Ask The Experts II: Questions About Collaboration And The Nurse-Person Relationship


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