The cold spray process produces dense, low oxide coatings which can be used in such diverse applications as corrosion control and metals repair. It has emerged as an important alternative to thermal spray coating techniques in certain areas. This pioneering book reviews both the fundamentals of the process and how it can best be applied in practice.

The first part of the book discusses the development of the process together with its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with thermal spray coating techniques. Part two reviews key process parameters such as powders, nozzle design, particle temperature and velocity, and particle/substrate interaction. It also describes portable and stationary cold spray systems. The final part of the book discusses how the cold spray process can be applied in such areas as improved wear, corrosion protection, electromagnetic interference shielding and repair of damaged components.

The cold spray materials deposition process is a standard reference on this important process and its industrial applications.

Key Features

  • Examines the fundamentals of the cold spraying process
  • Assesses how the technique can best be applied in practice
  • Describes portable and stationary cold spray systems


Academics and professionals interested in coatings

Table of Contents

Part 1 General issues: The development of the cold spray process; Comparing cold spray with thermal spray coating technologies; The advantages and disadvantages of the cold spray coating process; The economics of the cold spray process. Part 2 Cold spray process parameters: Cold spray process parameters: Powders; The influence of nozzle design in the cold spray process; The role of particle temperature and velocity in cold spray coating formation; Particle/substrate interaction in the cold spray bonding process; Supersonic jet/substrate interaction in the cold spray bonding process; Portable, low pressure cold spray systems for industrial applications; Stationary cold spray systems for industrial applications. Part 3 Applications of cold spray coatings: Mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of cold sprayed coatings; Cold spray particle deposition for improved wear; The use of cold spray coating for corrosion protection; Electromagnetic interference shielding by cold spray particle deposition; Repair of magnesium components by cold spray techniques.


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About the author

V K Champagne

Victor K. Champagne is the Technical Team Leader of the Advanced Materials and Processes Group within the Weapons and Materials Research Directorate of the US Army Research Laboratory. He is internationally known for his research on the cold spray process.