The Clinical Placement - 2nd Edition

The Clinical Placement

2nd Edition

An Essential Guide for Nursing Students

Authors: Tracy Levett-Jones Sharon Bourgeois
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone Australia


A unique, fundamental resource for nursing students in a clinical environment

The Clinical Placement, 2nd Edition: An essential guide for nursing students is an interactive textbook designed to guide nursing students through their clinical placement journey.

The first edition of this nursing reference proved extremely valuable in helping nursing students use their clinical placements as opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, attitude and understanding that underpin quality practice.

The Clinical Placement, 2nd Edition is fully revised with a fresh new appeal. It builds upon the success of the first edition, while incorporating a wealth of new, topical content written in easy-to-understand language.

Designed to challenge and inspire students, The Clinical Placement, 2nd Edition: An essential guide for nursing students introduces foundational knowledge in early chapters before addressing more complex issues.

This indispensable nursing resource will motivate students to think deeply and critically about important professional and clinical issues.

Key Features

 stories and scenarios to help students relate theory to the reality of practice
 'something to think about' boxes offering valuable advice
 'student experience' sections
 reflective thinking activities to encourage self-assessment and experiential learning

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The rules of engagement

1.1 Know the lie of the land

1.2 The clinical placement—what it is and why it matters

1.3 Person-centred care

1.4 Models of care

1.5 Competent practice

1.6 Working within your scope of practice

1.7 Who shall I turn to?

1.8 Working hard—but not too hard

1.9 First impressions last

1.10 The generation gap

1.11 The roles and functions of the interdisciplinary healthcare team

Reflective thinking activities



Chapter 2 Great expectations

2.1 Patients’ expectations

2.2 Clinicians’ expectations

2.3 Professional expectations

2.4 Legal requirements

2.5 Don’t apologise for being a student

2.6 Speak up, speak out

2.7 Exercise your rights

2.8 You’re not the boss of me (oh really?)

2.9 Don’t take everything personally

2.10 Compliance and compromise

2.11 Being naive

Reflective thinking activities



Chapter 3 How you act

3.1 Cultural safety

3.2 Teamwork

3.3 Managing conflict

3.4 Dealing with horizontal violence

3.5 Dealing with sexual harassment

3.6 Taking care of yourself

3.7 Patient advocacy

3.8 Best practice

3.9 Practice principles

3.10 Clinical governance

3.11 Patient safety

3.12 Clinical learning objectives

3.13 Student assessment

3.14 Giving and receiving gifts

3.15 Visitors during clinical placements

3.16 Using the company supplies

3.17 Punctuality and reliability

3.18 Putting work ahead of your studies

3.19 Clinical placements at distant locations

Reflective thinking activities



Chapter 4 How you think and feel</P


Churchill Livingstone Australia
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About the Author

Tracy Levett-Jones

Affiliations and Expertise

Deputy Head of School (Teaching & Learning), School of Nursing & Midwifery, Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle, NSW

Sharon Bourgeois

Affiliations and Expertise

Assistant Professor, Disciplines of Nursing and Midwifery,Faculty of Health, University of Canberra