The Circulating Platelet - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780123875501, 9780323144322

The Circulating Platelet

1st Edition

Editors: Shirley A. Johnson
eBook ISBN: 9780323144322
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1971
Page Count: 622
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The Circulating Platelet focuses on the biochemistry and physiology of platelets. Composed of contributions of authors, the compilation starts with the discussions on the origin, discovery, production, and life span of blood platelets. The discussions continue with the morphology of platelets. Concerns include peripheral, sol-gel, and organelle zones and the membrane systems. The book also looks at the energy metabolism of thrombocytes and highlights the presence of glycoproteins in blood platelets. These include polysaccharides, glucosaminoglycans, and glycoproteins. The text also discusses the properties, functions, and the physiological value of thrombosthenin. The compilation further discusses platelet aggregation and functions of platelets. Concerns include collection and processing of platelets; preparation of homogenates; and the agents that influence platelet aggregation. The role of platelets in blood clots and fibrinolysis is emphasized. The selection ends with discussions on the immunological reactions of platelets; the clinical diseases related to blood platelets; and blood transfusion and preservation. The text is vital for researchers interested in studying blood platelets.

Table of Contents


List of Contributors


1. Historical Perspectives and the Blood Platelets

I. The Discovery of Blood Platelets

II. Comparative Hematology

III. Megakaryocytes and the Origin of Platelets

IV. Projection


2. Origin, Production, and Life-Span of Blood Platelets

I. Platelet Production

II. Regulation of Platelet Production

III. Platelet Destruction

IV. Distribution of Platelets

V. Summary


3. Platelet Morphology

I. Introduction

II. General Features of Platelet Morphology

III. The Peripheral Zone

IV. The Sol-Gel Zone

V. The Organelle Zone

VI. Membrane Systems

VII. Unusual Features of Platelet Morphology

VIII. Structural Physiology

IX. Conclusions


4. Energy Metabolism

I. Introduction

II. Energy Metabolism of Thrombocytes

III. Conclusions


5. Membrane Glycoproteins of Blood Platelets

I. Electrokinetic Charge

II. Viral Receptor Sites

III. Carbohydrate Ultrastructure

IV. Polysaccharides

V. Glucosaminoglycans (Mucopolysaccharides

VI. Glycoproteins

VII. Glycolipids


6. Platelet Proteins

I. Historical Background

II. Methodology and General Considerations

III. Plasma Proteins Associated with Platelets

IV. Platelet Specific Proteins

V. Subcellular Protein Distribution

VI. Thrombin Labile Proteins

VII. Protein Synthesis

VIII. Functional Considerations


7. Thrombosthenin

I. Introduction

II. Properties of Thrombosthenin

III. Function of Thrombosthenin

IV. The Physiological Significance of Thrombosthenin

V. Discussion and Summary


8. Functions of Platelet Membranes

I. Introduction

II. Collection and Processing of Platelets

III. Preparation of Platelet Homogenates

IV. Fractionation and Collection of Subcellular Platelet Particles

V. Subcellular Platelet "Compartments"

VI. Lipids of Platelet Membranes and Granules

VII. Protein and Lipid Relationships in Platelet Membranes

VIII. In Vitro Coagulation Studies on Platelet Membranes and Granules

IX. Summary


9. Platelet Aggregation

I. Introduction

II. Agents Producing Platelet Aggregation

III. Summary and Conclusions


10. Endothelial Supporting Function of Platelets

I. Measurement of Vascular Integrity

II. Mechanism of Red Blood Cell Escape from Intact Capillaries in Thrombocytopenia

III. Permeability of Endothelium to Tracer Particles in Thrombocytopenia

IV. Mechanism Whereby Platelets Support the Endothelium

V. Summary


11. Role of Platelets in Blood Clotting

I. Introduction

II. Blood Clotting Mechanisms

III. Platelet-Poor Plasma

IV. Role of Platelets in Accelerating the Formation of Autoprothrombin C

V. Role of Platelets in Accelerating the Formation of Thrombin

VI. Two-Stage Reagent Refractory State

VII. The Platelet Cofactor Assay

VIII. Some Platelet Components of Special Relevance in Blood Clotting

IX. Summary


12. Platelets in Hemostasis and Thrombosis

I. Introduction

II. Initiation of Changes in Environment in Which Platelets Circulate; i.e., Changes in Vessel Wall

III. Platelet Aggregation

IV. Activation of Plasma Prothrombin

V. Description of Changes in the Vessel Wall That Initiate Platelet Aggregation

VI. Sequence of Events


13. Role of Platelets in Fibrinolysis

I. Introduction

II. The Fibrinolytic System

III. "Proactivator," and Activator of Fibrinolysis in Platelets

IV. Platelets as Releasing Agent of Endothelial Plasminogen Activator

V. Inhibitors of Fibrinolysis in Platelets

VI. Clinical Significance of Role of Platelets in Fibrinolysis

VII. Influence of Fibrinolysis on Platelet Functions

VIII. Conclusion

IX. Summary


14. Immunological Reactions Involving Platelets

I. Introduction

II. Immune Injury to Rabbit Platelets

III. Platelet Injury by Bacterial Endotoxin

IV. Other Experimental Models of Rabbit Platelet Injury

V. Platelet Participation in Some Models of Immunologically Induced Tissue


VI. Immunologically Induced Platelet Injury in Man


15. Clinical Disorders Related to Blood Platelets

I. Thrombocytopenia: General Aspects

II. Isoimmune Thrombocytopenias

III. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP

IV. Secondary Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia

V. Drug-Induced Thrombocytopenia

VI. Hereditary Thrombocytopenia with Intrinsic Platelet Defect

VII. Thrombocytopenia from Massive Blood Transfusion

VIII. Thrombocytopenia with Enlarged Spleen Syndromes

IX. Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

X. Thrombocytopenia in the Intravascular Coagulation-Fibrinolysis Syndrome

XI. Hypoplasia of Bone Marrow

XII. Infiltration of the Bone Marrow

XIII. Inherited Thrombocytopenias

XIV. Megaloblastic Anemias

XV. Thrombocythemia

XVI. Qualitative Platelets Defects: General Aspects

XVII. Thrombopathy (Thrombocytopathy

XVIII. Thrombasthenia

XIX. Abnormalities of Platelet Aggregation

XX. von Willebrand's Disease

XXI. Compound Platelet Diseases


16. Transfusion and Preservation

I. Historical Review

II. Platelet Procurement

III. Clinical Studies in Thrombocytopenic Recipients

IV. Adverse Reactions

V. Preservation


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