The Cerebellum and Cognition, Volume 41

1st Edition

Serial Volume Editors: Jeremy Schmahmann
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123668417
eBook ISBN: 9780080857756
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 10th September 1997
Page Count: 665
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Table of Contents

Historical Overview:

J.D. Schmahmann, Rediscovery of an Early Concept.

Anatomic Substrates:

J.D. Schmahmann and D.N. Pandya, The Cerebrocerebellar System.

F.A. Middleton and P.L. Strick, Cerebellar Output Channels.

D.E. Haines, E. Dietrichs, G.A. Mihailoff, and E.F. McDonald, Cerebellar-Hypothalamic Axis: Basic Circuits and Clinical Observations.

Physiological Observations:

A.J. Berman, Amelioration of Aggression: Response to Selective Cerebellar Lesions in the Rhesus Monkey.

D.J. Reis, Autonomic and Vascular Regulation.

R.F. Thompson, S. Bao, L. Chen, B.D. Cipriano, J.S. Grethe, J.J. Kim, J.K. Thompson, J.-A. Tracy, M.S. Weninger, and D.J. Krupa, Associative Learning.

R. Lalonde, Visualspatial Abilities.

M. Molinari, L. Petrosini, and L.G. Grammaldo, Spatial Event Processing.

Functional Neuroimaging Studies:

J.A. Fiez and M.E. Raichle, Linguistic Processing.

L.M. Parsons and P.T. Fox, Sensory and Cognitive Functions.

J. Doyon, Skill Learning.

Clinical and Neurophysiological Observations:

M. Hallett and J. Grafman, Executive Function and Motor Skill Learning.

M. Molinari, M.G. Leggio, and M.C. Silveri, Verbal Fluency and Agrammatism.

D.S. Woodruff-Pak, Classical Conditioning.

M.L.Bauman, P.A. Filipek, and T.L. Kemper, Early Infantile Autism.

T. Botez-Marquard and M.I. Botez, Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy and Friedrich's Ataxia: Neurophychological Consequences of Bilateral versus Unilateral Cerebellar Lesions.

I.F. Pollack, Posterior Fossa Synd


The Cerebellum and Cognition pulls together a preeminent group of authors. The cerebellum has been previously considered as a highly complex structure involved only with motor control. The cerebellum is essential to nonmotor functions, and recent research has revealed new medically important roles of the cerebellum and cognitive processes.

Key Features

  • Selected for inclusion in Doody's Core Titles 2013, an essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries
  • Comprehensive coverage of cerebellum in motor control and cognition
  • New developments regarding the cerebellum and motor systems
  • Therapeutic implications of cerebellar contributions to cognition
  • Preeminent group of contributors


Neuroscientists, neuropsychiatrists and neurologists, neural network researchers, general scientists and medical practitioners with specialized interest in memory and cognition, researchers in academic neurology and medical neuropsychology, graduate students in neuroscience, clinicians.


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About the Serial Volume Editors

Jeremy Schmahmann Serial Volume Editor

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Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, U.S.A.