The Cat Primary Visual Cortex

1st Edition

Editors: Bertram Payne Alan Peters
Hardcover ISBN: 9780125521048
eBook ISBN: 9780080525327
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 15th October 2001
Page Count: 725
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Written by experts on the forefront of investigations of brain function, vision, and perception, the material presented is of an unparalleled scientific quality, and shows that analyses of enormous breadth and sophistication are required to probe the structure and function of brain regions. The articles are highly persuasive in showing what can be achieved by carrying out careful and imaginative experiments. The Cat Primary Visual Cortex should emerge as essential reading for all those interested in cerebral cortical processing of visual signals or researching or working in any field of vision.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Comprehensive account of cat primary visual cortex
  • Generous use of illustrations including color
  • Covers research from structure to connections to functions
  • Chapters by leaders in the field
  • Topics presneted on multiple, compatible levels


Neuroscientists, neurologists, cell and developmental biologists, and anyone involved in the visual sciences field.

Table of Contents

Preface 1 The Concept of Cat Primary Visual Cortex Prologue Milestones in the Development of the Concept of Cat Primary Visual Cortex Connections Composition of Area 17 Comparison of the Architectonics of Areas 17 and 18 and Identification of Borders Visual Maps in Areas 17 and 18 Circuitry and Signal Processing in Areas 17 and 18 Visually Guided Behavior Synthesis Recent Challenges to the Primacy of Areas 17 and 18 Epilogue 2 Optical Imaging of Functional Architecture in Cat Primary Visual Cortex Introduction Methodological Aspects of Optical Imaging Optical Imaging of Functional Maps in Cat Visual Cortex Relationships between Columnar Systems Comparison with the Functional Architecture in Other Species Concluding Remarks 3 2-Deoxyglucose Architecture of Cat Primary Visual Cortex Introduction Orientation Domains Ocular Dominance Domains Spatial Frequency Domains Development and Experience-Dependent Changes of Cortical Maps Advantages and Disadvantages of the 2-DG Technique Outlook 4 Functional Mapping in The Cat Primary Visual Cortex Using High Magnetic Fields Introduction Limitations of Current Techniques, or Why We Need Another Mapping Technique Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Functional MRI of the Cat Primary Visual Cortex Conclusions 5 Relationships of LGN Afferents and Cortical Efferents to Cytochrome Oxidase Blobs Parallel Processing in the Mammalian Visual System Organization of CO Staining in Cat Primary Visual Cortex Geniculate Inputs to the CO Blobs Molecular Markers for Other Blob/Interblob Inputs Outputs of the CO Blobs Projections to Area 19 Comparisons with Primates Conclusions 6 INFLUENCE OF TOPOGRAPHY AND OCULAR DOMINANCE ON THE FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATION OF CALLOSAL CONNECTIONS IN CAT STRIATE CORTEX Introduction


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About the Editor

Bertram Payne

Affiliations and Expertise

Boston University School of Medicine, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Alan Peters

Affiliations and Expertise

Boston University School of Medicine, Massachusetts, U.S.A.