The Brain's Alpha Rhythms and the Mind

1st Edition

A review of classical and modern studies of the alpha rhythm component of the electroencephalogram with commentaries on associated neuroscience and neuropsychology


  • J. C. Shaw
    • Print ISBN 9780444513977

    Table of Contents

    Foreword (H. Petsche). Preface. Dedication. Acknowledgements. 1. An introduction to the alpha rhythm. 2. More on alpha rhythm characteristics. 3. Alpha in vision and imagery. 4. Alpha, mental activity, and lateralization of hemisphere function. 5. The hemisphere lateralization controversy. 6. Further studies of alpha rhythm correlates of mental activity. 7. Structural organisation of alpha rhythm. 8. Inter-individual differences. I. The classic studies. 9. Inter-individual differences. II. Robinson's and Newman's thalamo-cortical models. 10. EEG alpha and the Klimesch memory model. 11. Alpha activity and perceptual gating, the scanning hypothesis, and timing in the brain. 12. Magnetoencephalogram studies of alpha activity. 13. Alpha activity in biofeedback, meditation and hypnosis. 14. Mulholland's alpha feedback paradigm and 'behavioural stillness' model. 15. Petsche's studies of 'thinking'. 16. EEG generation I: particularly alpha activity. 17. EEG generation II: modern studies and models. 18. Alpha, intention, and consciousness 19. Epilogue. Appendix 1: An introduction to EEG technology. Appendix 2: A historical review of the term 'desynchronization'.


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