The Biology of Hair Growth - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781483232874, 9781483261652

The Biology of Hair Growth

1st Edition

Editors: William Montagna Richard A. Ellis
eBook ISBN: 9781483261652
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1958
Page Count: 538
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The Biology of Hair Growth is based on a conference on The Biology of Hair Growth, sponsored by the British Society for Research on Ageing, held at the Royal College of Surgeons, in London, 7-9 August 1957. The papers presented at this conference, and a few others, have been gathered in this book to serve as a source reference for all those interested in research on hair and hair growth. The application of modern methods in histology, cytology, histochemistry, physiology, electron microscopy, the use of radioactive isotopes, and modern biochemical techniques have given greater insight into the phenomena of growth and differentiation of hair follicles than ever before. The book opens with a chapter on the embryology of hair. Separate chapters follow on the anatomy and histochemistry of the hair follicle; the electron microscopy of keratinized tissues; the chemistry of keratinization; the mitotic activity of the follicle; and the the vascularity and patterns of growth of hair follicles. Subsequent chapters deal with behavior of pigment cells and epithelial cells in the hair follicle; the nature of hair pigment; the effects of nutrition on hair growth; and effects of chemical agents, ionizing radiation, and particular illnesses on hair roots.

Table of Contents

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1. Embryology of Hair

I. Introduction

II. Chronology

III. Morphology

IV. Topography

V. Summary

VI. References

2. The Regional Frequency and Distribution of Hair Follicles in Human Skin

I. Introduction

II. Results

III. Comment

IV. References

3. The Anatomy of the Hair Follicle

I. Introduction

II. Gross Anatomy

III. Microscopic Anatomy

IV. Growth and Differentiation

V. References

4. The Histochemistry of the Hair Follicle

I. Introduction

II. Histotopography of Inorganic Substances

III. Histotopography of Carbohydrates

IV. The Histotopography of Lipids

V. Amino Acids and Proteins

VI. Substances Containing Sulfhydryl and Disulfide Groups

VII. Nucleic Acids

VIII. The Histotopography of Enzymes

IX. Histochemistry of Keratin of the Hair Cortex

X. The Histochemistry of Trichohyalin

XI. Histochemical Aspects of the Keratinization of the Hair

XII. References

5. The Electron Microscopy of Keratinized Tissues

I. Introduction

II. The Basal Layer Cells and the Dermal-Epidermal Junction

III. Cell Membranes and Differentiation

IV. Cell Synthesis

V. Keratinization in Hair

VI. Keratohyalin and Keratinization in Skin

VII. Summary

VIII. Acknowledgments

IX. References

6. Electron Microscopy and the Biosynthesis of Fibers

I. Introduction

II. The Fine Structure of Fiber-Forming Cells

III. Silk-Forming Cells of the Silkworm

IV. The Left Colleterial Gland

V. Chitin-Forming Cells

VI. Collagen-Forming Cells

VII. Epidermal Proteins (Skin, Hair, and Feather)

VIII. From Precursor to Fiber

IX. Acknowledgments

X. References

7. The Chemistry of Keratinization

I. General Introduction

II. Hair

III. Epidermis

IV. Discussion

V. Acknowledgments

VI. References

8. The Mitotic Activity of the Follicle

I. Introduction

II. Growth Cycle of the Follicle

III. Mitotic Activity of the Matrix

IV. Mitotic Activity and Respiration In Vitro

V. Mitotic Activity In Vivo

VI. Discussion

VII. Summary

VIII. Acknowledgments

IX. References

9. The Vascularity and Patterns of Growth of Hair Follicles

I. Introduction

II. Vascular Patterns in Rat Skin

III. Vascular Patterns in Rabbit Skin

IV. The Vascular Plexuses

V. Summary

VI. References

10. The Vascularity and Innervation of Human Hair Follicles

1. The Blood Vessels

II. The Nerves

III. References

11. The Behavior of Pigment Cells and Epithelial Cells in the Hair Follicle

I. Introduction

II. Development of Epithehal Cells

III. Behavior of Pigment Cells

IV. Acknowledgments

V. References

12. The Electron Microscopy of Human Melanocytes and Melanin Granules

I. Introduction

II. The Structure of Isolated Melanin Granules

III. The Cytology of the Melanocyte and Melanogenesis

IV. The Granules of Red Hair

V. The Melanocytes of the Human Epidermis

VI. Acknowledgments

VII. References

13. The Nature of Hair Pigment

I. Introduction and Classification of Hair and Feather Pigments

II. The Inheritance of Hair Color

III. Metabolic Pathway of Tyrosine-Melanin Formation

IV. Cytochemical Studies of Tyrosine-Melanin Formation in Hair

V. Biochemical Basis of Changes in Hair Color

VI. The Metabolic Pathway to Yellow Hair Pigment

VII. Appendix

VIII. References

14. Nutritional Factors Influencing Hair and Wool Growth

I. Introduction

II. The Influence of Diet on the Rate of Fiber Production

III. The Influence of Diet on the Nature of Wool and Hair Produced

IV. The Influence of Diet during the Period of Follicle Development on the Ultimate Capacity of Animals to Produce Hair and Wool

V. The Nutrition of the Follicle

VI. References

15. The Effects of Different Hormonal States on the Growth of Hair in Rats

I. Introduction

II. Hair Growth in Intact Rats

III. The Effects of Gonadal Hormones on Hair Growth

IV. The Effects of Adrenal Hormones on Hair Growth

V. The Effects of Thyroid Hormone on Hair Growth

VI. The Effects of Diabetes and Insulin on Hair Growth

VII. The Effects of Pituitary Hormones on Hair Growth

VIII. The Effects of Selected Hormonal Imbalances on Hair Follicles in Different Stages of Growth

IX. Summary

X. References

16. Age, Sex, and Genetic Factors in the Regulation of Hair Growth in Man: a Comparison of Caucasian and Japanese Populations

I. Introduction

II. Results

III. Discussion

IV. Summary

V. References

17. Physical Factors Which Influence the Growth of Hair

I. Introduction

II. Factors Influencing Hair Growth

III. Summary

IV. Acknowledgments

V. References

18. Response of Hair Roots to Chemical and Physical Influence

I. Introduction

II. Morphology of Normal Hair Roots of Scalp

III. Hair Roots following Methotrexate (Amethopterin)

IV. Hair Roots following Ionizing Radiation

V. Hair Roots in Alopecia Areata

VI. Hair Roots following Illness

VII. Comments

VIII. References

19. A Reconsideration of the Phenomenon of Hair Neogenesis with Particular Reference to the Healing of Cutaneous Wounds in Adult Mammals

I. Introduction

II. Cyclical Degeneration and Regeneration in the Normal Follicle

III. The Regenerative Capacity of Experimentally Damaged Follicles

IV. Hair Regeneration from Healed Full-Thickness Wounds in Rabbits' Skin

V. Does Hair Neogenesis Occur during Normal Growth?

VI. Hair Neogenesis and the Growth of Antlers

VII. References

20. Aging of the Human Male Scalp

I. Introduction

II. Arterial Circulation in the Scalp

III. Aging Changes in the Scalp

IV. Summary

V. References

21. Summary


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