The Bearing Capacity of Building Foundations describes the different ways of ultimate bearing capacity determination of building foundations. This four-chapter book considers the effect of a horizontal force acting on a foundation. It also examines a situation where, beneath the foundation level in the zone of influence of the foundation there are two layers of soil, including the case where the second, lower layer is formed by incompressible rock. A chapter explores the case where the subgrade consists of a number of heterogeneous strata of soil. The remaining chapters deal with the determination of the permissible load of a foundation and the safety factor, and also the contact stress in the foundation line, since this has a great influence on the dimensioning of foundation slabs. This book will prove useful to practicing civil engineers.

Table of Contents

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1. Settlement Of Foundations

1.1 Vertical Stress in Soil Due to its Weight

1.2 Compressibility of Soil

1.3 Calculation of Total Settlement Using Compressibility Coefficient C

1.4 Calculation of Total Settlement Using Deformation Moduli E0 and M0

1.5 Influence of a Vertical Moment in the Foundation Line on the Inclination of the Foundation

1.6 Time—Settlement Curve

1.7 Settlement Caused by Soil Shrinkage. Bulking and Subsidence of Soil

2. Bearing Capacity Of Foundations

2.1 Shearing Resistance of Soils

2.2 Friction Between Soil and Structure

2.3 Bearing Capacity of Foundations—Homogeneous Foundation Soil

2.3.1 The Method of Terzaghi

2.3.2 The Method of Meyerhof

2.3.3 The Method of Brinch Hansen

2.3.4 The Method of Caquot and Kérisel

2.3.5 Graphical Determination of the Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Foundations

2.4 Influence of Adjacent Foundation

2.5 Influence of Foundation Cross Section

2.6 Influence of Surface Slope Adjoining Foundation

2.6.1 Mathematical Methods

2.6.2 Graphical Method

2.7 Foundation Loaded by Horizontal Force

2.8 Bearing Capacity of a Foundation on a Layered Subgrade

2.8.1 Double-Layer Subgrade Beneath Foundation

2.8.2 Soil on Bedrock

2.8.3 Gravel-Sand Cushion

2.8.4 Multilayered Subgrade—Two Alternate Soils

3. Permissible Loads On Foundations

3.1 Permissible Values of Settlement and Settlement Differences

3.2 Safety Factor Against the Sinking of a Foundation

4. Stress In Soil Beneath Building Foundations

4.1 Distribution


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@qu:This well produced book can be warmly recommended to practicing engineers and students of foundation engineering. @source: Earth Science Reviews