Textbook of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry

3rd Edition

Print ISBN: 9780123919090
eBook ISBN: 9780123919106
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 21st July 2014
Page Count: 786
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Written in a succinct style with each chapter including an overview summary section, numerous illustrations for best comprehension, and end of the chapter questions to assess understanding, The Textbook of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry offers broad coverage of biochemical principles for students studying veterinary medicine. Since first year students come into programs with different scientific backgrounds, this text offers students foundational concepts in physiological chemistry and offers numerous opportunities for practice. Bridging the gap between science and clinical application of concepts, this textbook covers cellular level concepts related to the biochemical processes in the entire animal in a student-friendly, approachable manner.

Table of Contents

    <li>Acknowledgments</li> <li>Preface to the First Edition</li> <li>Preface to the Second Edition</li> <li>Preface to the Third Edition</li> <li>Addendum to Section I</li> <li>Introduction to Section II</li> <li>Sections I and II Examination Questions<ul><li>Answers</li></ul></li> <li>Addendum to Section II</li> <li>Introduction to Section III</li> <li>Section III Examination Questions<ul><li>Answers</li></ul></li> <li>Addendum to Section III</li> <li>Introduction to Section IV</li> <li>Section IV Examination Questions<ul><li>Answers</li></ul></li> <li>Addendum to Section IV</li> <li>Introduction to Section V</li> <li>Addendum to Section V</li> <li>Introduction to Section VI</li> <li>Sections V and VI Examination Questions<ul><li>Answers</li></ul></li> <li>Addendum to Section VI</li> <li>Introduction to Section VII</li> <li>Section VII Examination Questions<ul><li>Answers</li></ul></li> <li>Epilog</li> <li>Section I: Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism<ul><li>Chapter 1: Chemical Composition of Living Cells<ul><li>Abstract</li><li>Nucleic Acids</li><li>Proteins</li><li>Polysaccharides</li><li>Lipids</li><li>QUESTIONS</li><li>ANSWERS</li></ul></li><li>Chapter 2: Properties of Amino Acids<ul><li>Abstract</li><li>Hydrophilic Amino Acids</li><li>Hydrophobic Amino Acids</li><li>Neither Hydrophobic nor Hydrophilic</li><li>Enantiomers</li><li>QUESTIONS</li><li>ANSWERS</li></ul></li><li>Chapter 3: Amino Acid Modifications<ul><li>Abstract</li><li>Modified Amino Acids Found in Protein</li><li>Nonprotein Amino Acids</li><li>Essential and Nonessential Amino Acids</li><li>QUESTIONS</li><li>ANSWERS</li></ul></li><li>Chapter 4: Protein Structure<ul><li>Abstract</li><li>Primary Structure</li><li>Secondary Structure</li><li>Tertiary Structure</li><li>Quaternary Structure</li><li>Protein Misfolding</li><li>Protein Denaturation</li><li>Plasma Proteins</li><li>QUESTIONS</li><li>


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