Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine Expert Consult - 7th Edition

Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine Expert Consult

7th Edition

Expert Consult

Authors: Stephen Ettinger Edward Feldman
Imprint: Saunders


Now in its 7th edition, this popular, must-have text remains the only encyclopedic resource for veterinary internal medical problems. The internationally acclaimed "gold standard" offers unparalleled coverage of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting dogs and cats, as well as the latest information on the genome, clinical genomics, euthanasia, innocent heart murmurs, hyperbaric medicine, home prepared and raw diets, obesity, botulism, artificial pacing of the heart, cancer vaccines, and more. The 7th edition combines the convenience of a two-volume printed textbook with the enhanced functionality of an Expert Consult website that enables you to electronically search your entire book and study more efficiently. With instant access to the most reliable information available, you’ll always be at the forefront of veterinary care!

Key Features

    • Fully searchable online text provides fast, easy access to the most reliable information in the field.
    • More than 150 clinical algorithms throughout the text aid in disease-identification and decision-making.
    • Expanded online chapter content enhances your understanding through additional text, illustrations, tables, and boxes.
    • Hyperlinked client information sheets streamline reference of specific conditions and enhance communication with clients.
    • Extensive online reference list directs you to full-text PubMed abstracts for additional research.

    Table of Contents

    1. The Physical Examination

    2. Clinical Problem Solving: Using This Textbook NEW!

    3. Clueing in Customers

    4. The Genome NEW!

    5. Gene Therapy NEW!

    6. Clinical Genomics NEW!

    7. Rational Use of Diagnostic Tests NEW!

    8. Euthanasia NEW!

    9. Home Euthanasia NEW!

    10. Hyperthermia and Fever of Unknown Origin

    11. Hypothermia

    12. Pain Identification and Management

    13. The Skin as a Sensor of Internal Medicine Disorders

    14. Alopecia NEW!

    15. Pruritus

    16. Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Lumps, Bumps, and Masses

    17. Erosions and Ulcerations

    18. Pustules and Papules

    19. Scaling and Crusting Dermatoses NEW!

    20. Changes in Pigmentation

    21. Fleas, Flea Allergy, and Flea Control

    22. Genital Dermatoses NEW!

    23. Other External Parasites

    24. Edema NEW!

    25. Hepatocutaneous Syndrome

    26. Management of Atopy NEW!

    27. Obesity, Biology, and Management NEW!

    28. Cachexia

    29. Failure to Grow

    30. Swollen Joints and Lameness NEW!

    31. Body Odors

    32. Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease

    33. Acute Vision Loss in Small Animals

    34. Abdominal Distention, Ascites, and Peritonitis NEW!

    35. Weakness

    36. Vaginal, Vulvar, and Preputial Discharge

    37. Polyuria and Polydipsia

    38. Micturition Disorders and Urinary Incontinence

    39. Hematuria and Other Conditions Causing Discolored Urine NEW!

    40. Proteinuria NEW!

    41. Anorexia NEW!

    42. Polyphagia

    43. Periodontitis NEW!

    44. Ptyalism

    45. Gagging NEW!

    46. Dysphagia and Regurgitation EW!

    47. Vomiting

    48. Diarrhea

    49. Melena and Hematochezia NEW!

    50. Constipation, Tenesmus, Dyschezia, and Fecal Incontinence NEW!

    51. Flatulence

    52. Neurologic Manifestations of System


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    About the Author

    Stephen Ettinger

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Pet DRx Corporation, California Animal Hospital Veterinary Specialty Group, Los Angeles, CA

    Edward Feldman

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Department of Medicine and Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, CA