Textbook of Natural Medicine e-dition

3rd Edition

Text with Continually Updated Online Reference, 2-Volume Set


  • Joseph Pizzorno
  • Michael Murray
    • Not Applicable ISBN 9781455705276

    Key Features

    • Clearly organized into 6 distinct sections and written by the leaders in complementary and integrative medicine for an easy-to-reference, authoritative text.
    • Covers in-depth, evidence-based natural medicine approaches on over 75 specific diseases for the most comprehensive information on the actual practices and recommendations of naturopaths and complementary practitioners.
    • A glossary of Section V clarifies and defines terms allowing botanical information to be read with ease.

    Table of Contents

    Volume I
    Section I: Philosophy of Natural Medicine
    1. Functional medicine in natural medicine
    2. Hierarchy of Healing -Therapeutic order
    3. The History of Naturopathic Medicine, Chapter 1: The Emergence of an American School of Healing
    4. The History of Naturopathic Medicine, Chapter 2: Decline and Rejuvenation – Politics and Professionalization
    5. Philosophy of naturopathic medicine
    6. Placebo and healing
    7. Positive mental attitude
    8. Research in complementary and alternative medicine
    9. Women in the history of medicine
    Section II: Supplementary diagnostic procedures
    10. Adrenal stress test
    11. Apoptosis assessment
    12. Bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine breath test
    13. Cell signaling analysis
    14. Comprehensive digestive stool analysis
    15. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
    16. Fantus test for urine chloride
    17. Fatty acid profiling
    18. Female hormone profiling
    19. Folic acid status assessment
    20. Food allergy testing
    21. Functional assessment of liver phrase I and II detoxification
    22. Hair mineral analysis
    23. Heidelberg pH capsule gastric analysis
    24. Immune function assessment
    25. Intestinal permeability assessment
    26. Laboratory tests for the determination of vitamin
    27. Lactose intolerance breath test
    28. Male hormone profiling
    29. Metal toxicity assessment
    30. Mineral status evaluation
    31. Oral manifestations of nutritional status
    32. Rapid dark adaptation test
    33. Urinary organic acids profiling for assessment of functional nutrient deficiencies, gut dysbiosis, and toxicity
    34. Urinary porphyrins for the detection of heavy metal and toxic chemical exposure
    35. Urine indican test (Obermeyer test)
    Section III: Therapeutic modalities
    36. Acupuncture
    37. Ayurveda: the science of life and mother of the healing arts
    38. Blood type diet
    39. Botanical medicine – a modern perspe


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    About the authors

    Joseph Pizzorno

    Affiliations and Expertise

    President Emeritus, Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA, USA

    Michael Murray

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Faculty, Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA, USA