Textbook of Microbiology and Immunology - 3rd Edition - ISBN: 9788131244616, 9788131246702

Textbook of Microbiology and Immunology

3rd Edition

Author: S. C. Parija
Paperback ISBN: 9788131244616
eBook ISBN: 9788131246702
Imprint: Elsevier India
Published Date: 30th August 2016
Page Count: 640

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The third edition of the Textbook of Microbiology and Immunology provides fully updated text on the various aspects of microbiology and infectious diseases, which makes it the most authoritative and informative text in medical microbiology. It is a must-have book for preparing MBBS examination as well as the postgraduate entrance tests.

Key Features

  • Clear, succinct and comprehensive information on various aspects of microbiology and immunology.
  • Thoroughly revised information with tables and figures for better understanding.
  • Multicolor book designed in attractive student-friendly format with color photographs and illustrations to aid better understanding.
  • Case studies at the end of chapters for self-assessment.
  • Special emphasis on emerging and re-emerging pathogens and antimicrobial resistance.
  • Covers recent advances in molecular diagnosis and vaccines.
  • Additional emphasis on clinical microbiology with special focus on syndromic approach to infectious diseases.
  • Online study materials include Key Facts, Study Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and PowerPoint presentation of each topic.

Table of Contents

Section I

General Microbiology

1. History of Microbiology

2. Microscopy and Morphology of Bacteria

3. Physiology of Bacteria

4. Sterilisation and Disinfection

5. Culture Media

6. Culture Methods

7. Laboratory Identification of Bacteria

8. Bacterial Taxonomy

9. Bacterial Genetics

10. Microbial Infection

Section II


11. Immunity

12. Antigen

13. Antibodies

14. Antigen–Antibody Reactions

15. Complement System

16. Structure and Function of Immune System

17. Immune Response

18. Immunodeficiency Diseases

19. Hypersensitivity

20. Autoimmunity

21. Immunology of Transplantation and Malignancy

22. Immunohaematology

Section III


23. Staphylococcus

24. Streptococcus and Enterococcus

25. Pneumococcus

26. Neisseria and Moraxella

27. Corynebacterium

28. Bacillus

29. Clostridium

30. Non-Sporing Anaerobes

31. Coliforms

32. Salmonella

33. Shigella

34. Yersinia, Pasteurella, and Francisella

35. Vibrio, Aeromonas, and Plesiomonas

36. Campylobacter and Helicobacter

37. Pseudomonas and Burkholderia

38. Haemophilus

39. Bordetella

40. Brucella

41. Mycobacterium tuberculosis

42. Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria

43. Mycobacterium leprae and

44. Treponema, Borrelia, and Leptospira


45. Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma

46. Actinomycetes

47. Miscellaneous Bacteria

48. Rickettsiaceae, Orientia, Ehrlichia, and Coxiella

49. Chlamydia and Chlamydophila

Section IV


50. General Properties of Viruses

51. Pathogenesis of Viral Infections

52. Antiviral Agents

53. Laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Diseases

54. Bacteriophages

55. Poxviruses

56. Herpesviruses

57. Adenoviruses

58. Picornaviruses

59. Orthomyxoviruses

60. Paramyxoviruses

61. Arboviruses

62. Rhabdoviruses

63. Hepatitis Viruses

64. Oncogenic Viruses

65. Human Immunodeficiency Virus

66. Slow Viruses and Prions

67. Miscellaneous Viruses

Section V


68. Introduction to Mycology

69. Superficial, Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Mycoses

70. Systemic Mycoses

71. Opportunistic Fungal Infections

Section VI

Applied Microbiology

72. Normal Microbial Flora

73. Bacteriology of Water, Milk, Air and Food

74. Nosocomial Infections

75. Biomedical Waste Management

76. Immunoprophylaxis

77. Antimicrobial Therapy and Resistance

Section VII

Clinical Microbiology

78. Respiratory Tract Infections

79. Urinary Tract Infections

80. Pyrexia of Unknown Origin

81. Meningitis

82. Bloodstream Infections

83. Diarrhoeal Diseases and Food Poisoning

84. Sexually Transmitted Infections



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30th August 2016
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