Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry Vol II

1st Edition


  • V Alagarsamy
    • Electronic ISBN 9788131232590

    Key Features

    Salient Features

      • Contains clear classification, synthetic schemes, mode of action, metabolism, assay, pharmacological uses with the dose and structure–activity relationship (SAR) of the following classes of drugs:
        • Drugs acting on inflammation
        • Drugs acting on respiratory system
        • Drugs acting on digestive system
        • Drugs acting on blood and blood-forming organs
        • Drugs acting on endocrine system

      • Contains a complete section on chemotherapy and the various classes of chemotherapeutic agents. Also includes recent topics like anti-HIV agents
      • Contains brief introduction about the physiological and pathophysiological conditions of diseases and their treatment under each topic
      • Provides well-illustrated synthetic schemes and alternative synthetic routes for majority of drugs that help in quick and enhanced understanding of the subject
      • Covers the syllabi of majority of Indian universities

    Table of Contents

    Preface v

    Acknowledgements vii

    SECTION I Drugs Acting on Inflammation/Allergy 1

    Chapter 1 Antihistamines 3

    • Structure–Activity Relationship—H1 Receptor

    Antagonists • Classification • Synthesis and Drug Profile

    Chapter 2 Prostaglandins 46

    • Functions of PGs • Biosynthesis • Synthesis

    and Drug Profile

    Chapter 3 Analgesics, Antipyretics, and NSAIDs 56

    • Classification • SAR of Salicylates; Synthesis

    and Drug Profile; SAR of p-Amino Phenol

    Derivatives; SAR of 3,5-Pyrazolidine Diones;

    SAR of Anthranilic Acid Derivatives;

    SAR of Aryl Alkanoic Acid Derivatives;

    SAR of Indole Acetic Acid Derivatives; SAR of Oxicams

    SECTION II Drugs Acting on Respiratory System 107

    Chapter 1 Expectorants and Antitussives 109

    • Introduction to Respiratory System • Expectorants and

    Antitussives • Classification • Synthesis and Drug Profile

    Section III Drugs Acting on Digestive System 119

    Chapter 1 Antiulcer Agents 121

    • Classification • Synthesis and Drug

    Profile • SAR of H2-Receptor Antagonists

    Chapter 2 Antidiarrhoeals 137

    • Synthesis and Drug Profile

    SECTION IV Drugs Acting on Blood and Blood-Forming Organs 143

    Chapter 1 Coagulants 145

    • Classification • Anticoagulants;

    Classification; Synthesis and Drug Profile

    Chapter 2 Plasma Expanders 160

    SECTION V Drugs Acting on Endocrine System 163

    Chapter 1 Oral Hypogylcaemic Drugs 165

    • Classification • Synthesis and Drug

    Profile • SAR of Sulphonyl Ureas

    Chapter 2 Steroids 192

    • Steroid Nomenclature and Structure

    • Proge


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