Tendon Surgery of the Hand

1st Edition

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  • Jin Bo Tang
  • Peter Amadio
  • Jean Claude Guimberteau
  • James Chang
  • Key Features

    • Successfully implement hot new repair techniques involving new suture materials, tendon sheath and pulley treatments, vascularized tendon grafts, and recent postoperative rehabilitation methods.
    • Improve your primary flexor tendon repair and rehabilitation treatment planning based on surgical and post-surgical care principles that clearly describe successful global methods and protocols.
    • Benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of an international group of surgeons, investigators, and therapists who offer unique and insightful techniques and advice.
    • See how to perform key techniques with exclusive operative videos online.
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    Table of Contents


    Section 1: BASIC SCIENCE

     1 Anatomy of the Tendon Systems in the Hand

     2 Tendon Nutrition and Healing

     3 Tendon Friction, Lubrication, and Biomechanics of Motion

     4 Biomechanics of Core and Peripheral Tendon Repairs

     5 Biology and Biomechanics of the Tendon-Bone Insertion

     6 Gene Therapy for Tendon Healing

     7 Tendon Tissue Engineering and Bioactive Suture Repair


     8 Indications for Primary Flexor Tendon Repair

     9 Treatment of the Flexor Tendon Sheath and Pulleys

    10 Venting of the Major Pulleys

    11 The Omega "Ω" Flexor Pulley Plasty

    12 Tendon Sheath and Pulley Enlargement

    13 Clinical Primary Flexor Tendon Repair and Rehabilitation

    A The Bern Experience

    B The Chelmsford Experience

    C The Mayo Clinic Experience

    D The Nantong Experience

    E The Singapore Experience

    F The Stanford Experience

    G The Australian Experience

    H The Wellington Experience

    14 Partial Tendon Lacerations

    15 Flexor Tendon Injuries in Children

    16 Primary Repair of the Flexor Pollicis Longus Tendon

    17 Treatment of Flexor Tendon Injuries at or Proximal to the Wrist

    A Zone 5 Flexor Tendon Repairs

    B Methods and Outcomes of Zone 5 Flexor Tendon Repairs

    18 Flexor Tendon Repairs With Novel Sutures and Devices

    A Mantero’s Technique for Tendon Repair

    B Teno Fix for Tendon Repair

    19 Treatment of Rupture of Primary Flexor Tendon Repairs

    20 Closed Avulsion or Rupture of Flexor Tendons

    A Traumatic Avulsion of Flexor Tendons

    B Tendon Rupture After Fractures or Carpal Disorders

    C Rupture of the Pulleys


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