This book offers an exhaustive treatment of the techniques in the multidisciplinary field of applied microbiology, and a detailed survey of recent and important advances. It will be of great value to students and professionals involved in the fields of biotechnology, applied and industrial microbiology, and biochemical engineering.

Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction. Definition and scope of industrial microbiology. Basic branches of industrial microbiology. Research. Risks in applied microbiology. Kinetics of Microbial Growth and Product Formation. Microbial growth and reproduction. Product formation. Substrate consumption. Kinetic characteristics of microbial processes. Continuous Culture Systems. Classification of continuous culture systems. Open continuous culture systems. Heterogenous continuous open flow systems. Closed continuous culture systems. Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms. An ideal industrial microorganism. Strategies of acquisition of an ideal production microorganism. Enrichment methods and selection of desirable strains. Mutation-selection strain improvement. Mutation biosynthesis (mutasynthesis). Use of deregulation of metabolic pathways. Cell and protoplast fusion. DNA recombination in vitro. Total gene synthesis and site-directed mutagenesis. Raw Materials. Water and associated problems. Plant raw materials. Animal raw materials. Chemical and petrochemical raw materials. Chemical and biological control of raw materials, storage and homogenization. Cultivation Devices. Devices for culture on solid substrates. Surface culture on liquid substrates. Systems for laboratory-scale submerged cultivation. Bioreactors with mechanical mixing. Bioreactors with pneumatic and hydraulic mixing. Devices for anaerobic culture. Sterilization. Sterilization of media. Air sterilization. Aeration and Mixing. Theory of oxygen transfer. Methods of aeration capacity (kLa) determination. Factors affecting aeration capacity (kLa). Rheology of fluids. Mixing. Monitoring, Control and Regulation of Microbial Processes. Methods and devices. Physical environmental factors. Chemical e


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