Teaching Health Careers Education

1st Edition

Tools for Classroom Success


  • Judith Ruple
  • Alice Twink Dalton
  • William Lee
  • Key Features

    • Module organization allows you to tailor the book to fit your individualized needs.
    • Conversational and friendly tone makes the various educational theories and legal terms easy to understand.
    • Evolve Learning Resources provide invaluable resources for novice instructors, including strategies for classroom management, action verbs for creating objectives and goals, additional lesson plans, learning contracts, rubrics and evaluation forms, test item construction tips, and useful Internet sites.
    • Case Studies and Discussion Questions apply the information to real-life situations and foster discussion and critical thinking
    • Teaching Tips provide additional notes and suggestions on how to apply the information to your classroom.

    Table of Contents

    Module 1:  Welcome to the Health Career Classroom

    Module 2:  Roles and Responsibilities of Healthcare Instructors

    Appendix 2A: Honolulu Community College (1999) Syllabus Suggested Form

    Module 3:  Legal Issues in Education

    Module 4.1: Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

    Module 4.2: Classroom Management

    Module 5: How Adults Learn

    Module 6: Goals and Objectives

    Module 7:  Lesson Plans

    Appendix 7A: Sample Lesson Plan Formats

    Appendix 7B: Needs Assessment

    Module 8: Presentation Techniques

    Module 9: Communication Skills

    Appendix 9A: Sample Learning Contract

    Appendix 9B: Answers to Case Study Listening Activity

    Module 10: Facilitating and Enhancing Thinking

    Appendix 10A: Generic Performance Rubric Template

    Appendix 10B: Evaluation Rubric for Higher-Order Thinking

    Appendix 10C: Questions to Guide the Selection of the Thinking Skills/Reasoning Process to Incorporate into a Lesson

    Appendix 10D: Suggested Questions to Use with Patient Scenarios

    Module 11: Facilitation Techniques

    Appendix 11A: Answers to Directed and Non-Directed Questions Activity

    Appendix 11B: Answers to Active Listening Activity

    Module 12: How to Teach Using Case Studies

    Appendix 12A: Sample Case Studies and Case Questions

    Appendix 12B: Cameron & Monroe’s (2007) Spinal Cord Injury Case Study

    Module 13:  Teaching Psychomotor Skills

    Appendix 13A: Task Analysis for Bag-Mask Skill: Use of Bag-Mask to Ventilate an Apneic Patient

    Appendix 13B: Sample Skills Grids

    Appendix 13C: Summary of Neurobiological Research

    Module 14: Using Games in the


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