These proceedings contain the 100 papers presented at the 3rd IFAC Conference on System Structure and Control held in Nantes, France, 5-7 July 1995. The conference provided an ideal forum for automatic control researchers from around the world to present their results and exchange both ideas and experience. The aim of the conference was to report recent research on various aspects of system analysis and applications, to identify future trends in this area and to promote applications of the structural approach of control theory.


For researchers working within the field of automatic control and its applications.

Table of Contents

Selected chapter headings and selected papers: Various Engineering Aspects of Implicit Differential Equations. On the definition of decoupling for implicit and generalized systems (E. Delaleau, P.S. Pereira da Silva). Structured Systems. A realization method of the transfer functions containing variable parameter (A. Kawakami). Nonlinear Systems I. Some results on singular feedback linearization (Z. Sun, X. Xia). Time-Delay Systems I. On the characterisation of 2-D least order polynomial realisations (A.C. Pugh et al.). Singular Systems. A controllability test for behavior systems (U. Helmke et al.). Control of Robots and Manipulators. Robust time-optimal positional stabilization containing a speed limitation task (P. Kulczycki). Robust Control. Robust control with a terminal state constraint (A.V. Savkin, I.R. Peterson). Multidimensional Systems. Identifiability of 2D scalar behaviours (S. Zampieri). Structural Properties of Linear Systems. Pole structure assignment via non-regular static state feedback (J.J. Loiseau et al.). Author index.


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