Volume 3 summarises contemporary methods for the synthesis of functional groups where carbon is attached to a heteroatom (notably oxygen, nitrogen, and sulphur) by a double or triple bond. The synthesis of all types of carbon and heteroatom substituted, and unsaturated derivatives are brought together in a coherent fashion, and where possible emphasis has been placed on selectivity and efficiency, together with practical applications in real situations in synthetic chemistry. Thus, the Volume covers synthetic methods for aldehydes and ketones, together with their sulphur (ie. thioaldehydes and thioketones), selenium, tellurium, nitrogen (ie. imines, oximes and hydrazones, including iminium salts and diazo compounds), phosphorus and metal/metalloid analogues. Synthetic methods for heteroatom substituted aldehydes and ketones and their analogues, eg. carbonyl ylides, are also included, and a thorough account of ketenes and ketenimines and their various heteroatom and metal analogues is given. The Volume also covers the unique chemistry associated with the synthesis of nitriles and N-substituted nitriles, together with isonitriles and all their heteroanalogues.

Table of Contents

Aldehydes: alkyl aldehydes (K.E.B. Parkes, S. Richardson). &agr;&bgr;-unsaturated aldehydes (W. Ebenezer, P. Wight). Aryl and heteroaryl aldehydes (D.G. Hollingworth, D. Walter). Ketones: dialkyl ketones (K.E. Parkes, S. Richardson). &agr;&bgr;-unsaturated ketones (W. Ebenezer, P. Wight). Ketones bearing an &agr;, &bgr;-aryl or -heteroaryl substituent (D.G. Hollingworth, D. Walter). O-substituted aldehydes and ketones (D.A. Whiting). Thioaldehydes and thioketones (W. Whittingham). Selenio- and tellurio-aldehydes and ketones (F.S. Guziec, L. Guziec). Imines and their N-substituted derivatives: NH, NR and N- haloimines (G.M. Robertson). Imines and their N-substituted derivatives: oximes and their S, Se and Te analogues (R.C.F. Jones). Imines and their N-substituted derivatives: hydrazones and other =NN derivatives including diazo- compounds (J.S. Clark). P, As, Sb, and Bi ylides (D. Gilheany, É. Coyne). Doubly bonded metalloid functions (Si, Ge, B) (M.A. McKervey, Tao Ye). Doubly bonded metal functions (M.A. McKervey, Tao Ye). Ketenes, their cumulene analogues and their S, Se and Te analogues (D. Harrowven). Ketenimines and their P, As, Sb and Bi analogues (J.P. Michael, C.B. De Koning). Nitriles: general methods and aliphatic nitriles (M. North). Nitriles: &agr;&bgr;-unsaturated and aryl nitriles (M.J. Kiefel). N-substituted nitriles and other heteroanalogues of nitriles of the type RCZ (R.M. Paton). Isocyanides and their heteroanalogues (RZC) (I.A. O'Neil).


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