Volume 20A. Symbiosis of Human and Artifact

1st Edition

Volume A: Future Computing and Design for Human-Computer Interaction. Volume B: Human and Social Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction


  • K. Ogawa
  • Y. Anzai
  • H. Mori
  • Description

    Presented here are papers selected from those submitted to the Sixth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI International '95) held in Tokyo, July 1995. A total of 1,298 individuals from 36 countries submitted their work for presentation at this first major international meeting on human-computer interaction held in Asia. Volume A covers the latest advances in the research of future computing and system design, as well as their relevant application, in the wide field of human-computer interaction.

    Volume B contains selected papers in the areas of ergonomics, and social aspects of computer systems.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter Headings. Volume A. Human and Future Computing. Gestural interface. Visual interface. Multimedia art and entertainment. User interface for all – everybody, everywhere, and anytime. Kansei engineering. Cognitive science and HCI for cooperation. Multimodal interface. Nonverbal communication. Hypermedia/hypertext. Collaboration 1. Collaboration 2. Collaboration 3. Virtual reality 1. Virtual reality 2. Virtual reality 3. Pen-based interface. Three dimensional realtime human-computer interfaces – virtual reality. Human Centered System Design. Decision making support systems. Human factors in software engineering. Support for creativity. Interaction in database query. Vehicle system and aircraft. Computer supported cooperation in product design. Communication services. Learning environments 1. Learning environments 2. Control system for special application. Cognitive models in process systems. Interface design and evaluation in process systems. Human factors in nuclear power plants. Operation aids plant diagnosis. Intelligent and adaptive systems. Machine learning. Intelligent interface design. Author index. Keyword index.

    Volume B. Analysis, Design and Evaluation in Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction in context – context in interaction. Winning the market of HMS. Interaction design 1. Interaction design 2. Interaction design 3. Screen design 1. Screen design 2. Screen design 3. Active interface. Evaluation and analysis 1. Evaluation and analysis 2. HCI evaluation methodolgies. Usability engineering. Cognitive engineering. Computer modeling of mental processes. Modeling 1. Modeling 2. Voices and faces. Ergonomics and Health Aspects of Work with Computers. Health aspects. Workstation and work environments. Human factors in display technology. Psychosocial stress among VDU workers. Input devices. Musculoskeletal, postural, visual, and pyschosocial outcomes resulting


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