Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Series: Strabismus Surgery

1st Edition

Text with DVD


  • Peter Davies
  • John Ferris
    • Print ISBN 9781416030201

    Key Features

    • Features explanations of surgical techniques combined with high-quality video clips that emphasize and illuminate key points.

    • Includes pros and cons, pearls and pitfalls, and tricks-of-the-trade for all techniques.

    • Presents detailed coverage of the main surgical areas in ophthalmic practice today.

    • Offers a consistent step-by-step approach to each procedure.

    • Lists equipment and instrumentation required for each procedure in appropriate chapters.

    • Uses full-color illustrations throughout each title.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1 - Surgical Techniques

    1. Surgical instruments

    2. Common surgical techniques

    3. Fixed suture rectus muscle recession techniques

    4 . Fixed suture rectus muscle resection techniques

    5. Adjustable squint surgery

    6. Reoperation techniques

    7. Transposition surgery

    8. Posterior fixation suture techniques

    9. Inferior oblique surgery

    10. Superior oblique surgery

    11. Chemodenervation techniques

    12. Anaesthesia for strabismus surgery

    Section 2 – Surgical Strategies

    13. Infantile esotropia

    14. Partially accommodative esotropia

    15. Intermittent exotropia

    16. Duanes syndrome

    17. Browns syndrome

    18. Dissociated vertical deviation

    19. Superior oblique palsy

    20. VIth nerve palsy

    21. IIIrd nerve palsy

    22. Thyroid eye disease

    23. Orbital fractures

    24. Nystagmus


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