Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Series: Oculoplastic Surgery

1st Edition

Text with DVD


  • John Long
    • Print ISBN 9781416032861

    Key Features

    • Presents detailed coverage of the oculoplastic surgical procedures practiced today, including upper eyelid blepharoplasty, lower eyelid blepharoplasty, ptosis repair, evisceration, and enucleation entropion and ectropion, keeping you on the cusp of the latest advances.
    • Features explanations of surgical techniques combined with high-quality video clips that emphasize and illuminate key points.
    • Discusses pros and cons, pearls and pitfalls, and tricks-of-the-trade for all techniques to help you make the best informed decisions and avoid complications.
    • Uses a consistent step-by-step approach to each procedure to help you perform every technique with precision.
    • Lists equipment and instrumentation required for each procedure in appropriate chapters.
    • Uses full-color illustrations throughout for enhanced visual guidance.
    • Includes a DVD of surgical videos to help you master every technique.

    Table of Contents

    1. Entropion

    2. Ectropion

    3. Ptosis

    a. Levator dehiscence

    b. Mullerectomy

    c. Levator resection

    d. Fascia lata sling

    4. Canalicular laceration

    5. Upper blepharoplasty

    6. Lower blepharoplasty

    7. Tearing

    a. Stints

    b. DCR

    c. CDCR

    8. Evisceration

    9. Enucleation

    10. Eyelid retraction

    a. Upper eyelid

    1. External

    2. Transconjunctival

    b. Lower eyelid

    1. Alloderm

    2. Hard palate graft

    11. Trichiasis

    a. Cryo

    b. Anterior lamella excision

    12. Mohs reconstruction

    a. Direct closure

    b. Sliding temporal flap

    c. Skin graft

    d. Cutler Beard

    e. Hughes

    13. Chalazion

    14. Blow out fractures

    15. Orbital Decompression

    16. Floppy eyelid

    17. Temporal artery biopsy

    18. Orbital volume augmentation

    19. Equipment



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