Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Series: Cataract Surgery

1st Edition

Text with DVD


  • Larry Benjamin
    • Print ISBN 9781416029694

    Key Features

    • Master new procedures, improve outcomes, and learn the latest techniques faster via 179 full-color illustrations and a bonus DVD containing 72 minutes of surgical procedures.
    • Avoid complications with pros and cons, pearls and pitfalls, and tricks-of-the-trade for all techniques.
    • Enhance your clinical acumen through detailed coverage of the main surgical areas in ophthalmic practice today.
    • Perform every surgery with accuracy using a consistent step-by-step approach to each procedure.
    • Gain an absolute understanding about what equipment and instruments are required for each procedure.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction and general issues

    2. Tool, facilities and the operating team

    3. Anaesthesia for cataract surgery

    4. Preparation for surgery

    5. Wound placement and construction

    6. Viscoelastics

    7. Capsulorhexis and capsule problems

    8. Hydrodissection and hydrodelineation

    9. Nucleus removal strategies

    10. Irrigation / Aspiration

    11. Lens implantation

    12. Post-operative care

    13. Adjuncts for complex cases

    14. Management of complications

    Contents List of Video Clips

    Ch 5. Wound placement and construction

    - Wound scleral tunnel
    - Corneal tunnel
    - Stromal hydration
    - Stromal hydration
    - Cross stitch
    - Temporal wound
    - Extracaps wound

    Ch 8. Hydrodissection and hydrodelineation

    - Hydro golden ring
    - Hydrodissection wave

    Ch 9. Nucleus removal strategies

    - Phaco chop
    - Testing phaco reflux
    - D+C difficult rotation
    - Phaco chop
    - D+C high mag slow
    - Chip and flip
    - EC wound

    Ch 10. Irrigation/Aspiration

    - IA two types
    - IA straight only

    Ch 11. Lens implantation

    - Injected IOL
    - AC IOL
    - Acrysof insert
    - Cee-on insert

    Ch 13. Adjuncts for complex cases

    - Iris and caps hooks

    Ch 14. Management of complications

    - EC stitches
    - Ant vity and Triamcin


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