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  • Master the latest methods such as the use of fixation devices for proximal femoral fractures, hip preservation surgery, and problems with metal on metal-bearing implants.
  • Make optimal use of the latest imaging techniques, surgical procedures, equipment, and implants available.
  • Navigate your toughest clinical challenges with vital information on total hip arthroplasty, pediatric hip surgery, trauma, and hip tumor surgery.
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Table of Contents

Section I: Basic Science

1. Biomechanics of the Human Hip

2. Biomechanics of the Artificial Hip

3. Tribology of the Artificial Hip

4. Materials in Hip Surgery: Polymethylmethacrylate

5. Materials in Hip Surgery: High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

6. Materials in Hip Surgery: Metals for Cemented and Uncemented Implants

7. Materials in Hip Surgery: Mechanical Properties that Influence Design and Performance of Ceramics Hip Bearings

8. Materials in Hip Surgery: Metals as a Bearing Material

9. Materials in Hip Surgery: Porous Metals for Implant Fixation

10. Materials in Hip Surgery: Bioactive Coatings for Implant Fixation

11. Biologic Responses to Particle Debris

12. Biological Responses to Metal Debris and Metal Ions

13. Bone Grafts in Hip Surgery

Section II: Anatomy and Operative Approaches

14. Normal Hip Embryology and Development

15. Anatomy of the Hip

16. Exposures of the Acetabulum

17. Direct Anterior Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty

18. Anterolateral Approach for Primary Total Hip Replacement

19. Posterior Approaches to the Hip

20. Trochanteric Approaches to the Hip

21. Extensile Approaches for Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty

22. Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroplasty

Section III: Perioperative Management in Hip Surgery

23. Blood Management

24. Anesthesia for Hip Surgery: Options and Risks

25. Mortality After Total Hip Surgery

26. Perioperative Medical Management of Hip Surgery Patients

27. Perioperative Pain Management

28. Prevention


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