The latest edition of this best-selling title is updated and expanded for easier use by engineers. New to this edition is a section on the fundamentals of surface production operations taking up topics from the oilfield as originally planned by the authors in the first edition. This information is necessary and endemic to production and process engineers. Now, the book offers a truly complete picture of surface production operations, from the production stage to the process stage with applications to process and production engineers.

Key Features

· New in-depth coverage of hydrocarbon characteristics, the different kinds of reservoirs, and impurities in crude. · Practical suggestions help readers understand the art and science of handling produced liquids. · Numerous, easy-to-read figures, charts, tables, and photos clearly explain how to design, specify, and operate oilfield surface production facilities.


petroleum engineers, plant engineers, process engineers, oilfield surface production managers, field engineers, mechanical engineers

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: THE PRODUCTION FACILITY INTRODUCTION MAKING THE EQUIPMENT WORK FACILITIES TYPES CHAPTER 2: CHOOSING A PROCESS INTRODUCTION CONTROLLING THE PROCESS Operation of a Control Valve Pressure Control Level Control Temperature Control Flow Control BASIC SYSTEM CONFIGURATION Wellhead and Manifold Separation INITIAL SEPARATOR PRESSURE STAGE SEPARATION SELECTION OF STAGES FIELDS WITH DIFFERENT FLOWING TUBING PRESSURE DETERMINING SEPARATOR OPERATING PRESSURES TWO-PHASE vs THREE-PHASE SEPARATORS Process Flowsheet Oil Treating and Storage Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Pumps Water Treating Compressor Gas Dehydration WELL TESTING GAS LIFT OFFSHORE PLATFORM CONSIDERATIONS Overview Modular Construction Equipment Arrangement CHAPTER 3: BASIC PRINCIPLES INTRODUCTION BASIC OIL-FIELD CHEMISTRY Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Atomic and Molecular Weight BASIC HYDROCARBON NOMENCLATURE Paraffin Series (CnH2n+2) Olefin or Ethylene Series (Alkenes): (CnH2n) Acetylenie or Alkyne Series : (CnH2n-2) Diolefins: (CnH2n-2) Aromatic (Benzene) Series: (CnH2n-6) Napthene Series: (CnH2n) PARAFFIN HYDROCARBON COMPOUNDS ACID, BASES, AND SALTS ANALYS OF MIXTURES PHYSICAL OF MIXTURES PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Molecular Weight and Apparent Molecular Weight Gas Specific Gravity and Density Non-Ideal Gas Equations o


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Maurice Stewart

Dr. Maurice Stewart, PE, a Registered Professional Engineer with over 40 years international consulting experience in project management; designing, selecting, specifying, installing, operating, optimizing, retrofitting and troubleshooting oil, water and gas handling, conditioning and processing facilities; designing plant piping and pipeline systems, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, process equipment, and pumping and compression systems; and leading hazards analysis reviews and risk assessments.

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