In July 1988, a Worldwide Catalysis Seminar was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the Catalysis Society of Japan. After the 9th International Congress on Catalysis in Calgary, about 25 Japanese researchers working on catalysis visited and held seminars in four countries. Each seminar focused on a specific subject, yet also covered a wide range of topics in catalysis, from the fundamental to the industrial stages. This volume, containing the proceedings of this unique event, reflects the successful way in which the seminars provided an opportunity for direct communication and discussion of how best to achieve the successful design of catalysts.

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USA-Japan Seminar. Surface state and catalytic properties of Ni-P and Pd-P films prepared by RF sputtering method (T. Imanaka). Effects of P/V composition on the butane oxidation over V-P-O catalysts (N. Yamazoe et al.). Lanthanide &bgr;-alumina supports for catalytic combustion above 1000°C (A. Kato et al.). Fine structure of novel gold catalysts prepared by coprecipitation (M. Haruta et al.). The cerium oxide based catalysts active for oxidative coupling of methane (K. Otsuka et al.). Infrared study of carbon deposits on catalysts (R.P. Eischens). Progress in the characterization of catalysts (M.J. Kelley). The interaction of aromatic molecules with nickel (J.B. Benziger). Structure sensitivity of reactions on metal oxide surfaces (M.A. Barteau, J.M. Vohs). France-Japan Seminar. Design of sulfur-promoted solid superacid catalyst (K. Tanabe, T. Yamaguchi). Reactivity and structure of multi-system molybdate catalysts (I. Matsuura). Desulfurization and upgrading of heavy residual oils over hydro-treating catalysts (H. Ozaki et al.). V2O5 based catalysts for the vapor phase oxidation of p-methyoxytoluene to p-methoxybenzaldehyde (N. Shimizu et al.). Dehydrogenation of methanol to formaldehyde by ZnO-SiO2 and Zn2SiO4 catalysts (M. Sagou et al.). The change of properties of transition metal ions and the role of the support as a function of catalyst preparation (M. Che, L. Bonneviot). Oxidation of toluenes by molecular oxygen. Catalytic routes to aromatic aldehydes (M. Costantini, L. Krumenacker). Catalysts and processes for C4's cuts upgrading (G. Martino et al.). Italy-Japan Seminar. Super selective catalysis by CVD zeolite (Y. Murakami). Application of shape-selective catalysts to Cn chemistry (T. Inui). Catalytic reactions on zeolites ion-exchanged with alkali cations (K. Sekizawa et al.). Aromatization of n-hexane over Ga-H-ZSM-5 cataly


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